If you can’t or don’t want to listen and watch – here’s the video in text and image format – kinda!

Hello Divi People.

Andrew from Elegant Marketplace here. While Eileen is away on holiday, I thought I’d sneak out a little video update and give you a heads up on what’s happening with stuff over at EMP –

We had our first official Divi Theme users meet up in the UK this month in London Restaurant – a few of the UK users turned up and enjoyed a drink and some food on us and we learnt a lot from the members of the community – we hope to have more events in the very near future but we learned a lesson, two weeks is not enough notice so, we will look at ways in which we can make it work so that a more than ten people turn up – never the less, it was lovely to see those that did make the effort so thank you to them.

Site news:

emp_homeWe resited our website over to Amazon Servers mainly to get some extra oomph to the server and had a few issues with propagation, HTTPS and a few other issues too. All is good now and we are getting great feedback from the community and our now 4,000 customers that the site is loading fast, its got some great products on there – both free and premium and all is good.

We will continually make the site as accessible as possible and are looking at various ways of improving the user experience all the time. So keep yourself in the loop and make sure you sign up for our newsletter.

We’ve also got some great guest authors lined up giving tips and tricks, SEO advice and all things Divi too. This is in addition to the Fabulous Fabio who gives so much of his time to let us all know what’s new and what’s hot in the WordPress arena – which is already in its 16th week!

Learning and Education

We are launching a Deep Dive into Divi Course very soon – it was going to be called Deep Dive into Divi 2.6! But guess what – Nick Roach and his team recently announced this! Yup, DIVI 2.7! – Oh maaaan!


So, we are going to wait until we know what the score is on that iteration and then re record the videos and make sure all the documentation is as up to date as possible. The course itself is going to be full of things like how to use the module customiser, theme customiser bloom and monarch and what ever else The Elegant Themes team come up with. The documentation is extensive and there will also be weekly meetings with all participants to discuss how things can be done.

We’ll show you in a How did they do that section how to build a child theme, use existing and free layouts and give you 10 free layouts to play with as well. – All in all, its far too exciting and we cannot wait to get the course finalised and out in the public domain. So go to the sign up page and make sure you get in on the launch party as soon as its ready.


Last but not least – Our Co Founder Eileen Lonergan along with Tammy Grant and Sarah Oates have got a well deserved shout out on the Elegant Themes Blog as part of an awesome collection of Women in WordPress to follow – well done you lot – proud just does not cover it..

That’s it for this irregular Vodcast – if you want more, comment below.


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