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Advanced Custom Fields Module for Divi Theme

The Advanced Custom Fields module is designed to work with any Divi Builder based site. These could be Divi, Extra or any other site using the excellent page builder provided by Elegant Themes. The plugin provides three modules: A grid of labels and their values, a single field option (best used for images) and a repeater option.

Watch the video to see the plugins in action! Using this plugin you can utilise the massively popular (and free) Advanced Custom Fields plugin without any coding or shortcodes at all! The modules contain extensive styling options to give your data that personalised look! This plugin is excellent for use on any site and even better in conjunction with plugins such as CPT Injector or Woo Layout Injector. You can create, very easily, sites for directories, real estate, activities… anything at all where you may want to add custom fields to your content and show it on the front end!


  • Install and Activate the plugin
  • Visit any Divi Builder based page (edit a post/page/project/custom post type or the Divi Library)
  • Add any of the modules to the builder and configure according to the options. Either the ACF Single Item module, the ACF Table Items module or the ACF Repeater Table module

Use the modules for any custom fields as often a you like.. multiple times on the same layout if you like. Image type fields have an image size option which is rather useful also.

That’s it!

Use this module in conjunction with the Divi Woo Injector, the Divi Layout Injector or best of all the CPT Layout Injector. See the video for a walkthrough using the plugin and more. It’s an hour long but well worth a watch as it shows you exactly how to set up the plugin on any Divi/Extra based site.


  • ACF Single Item. Choose a single ACF field and show it.. This might be an image or a block of text.. anything really.
  • ACF Table Items. This module shows the ACF fields in a grid view (see screenshots for more info). Pick as many fields as you want in an easy to use interface and optionally style using the inbuilt settings.
  • ACF Repeater Items. Choose a Repeater type element and a table will be formed with with the contents

ACF Field Types

Whilst I want to support every single ACF field type this isn’t always the case as they are being added all the time. Each new version I release will feature more advanced support for all ACF types and handle different types of output. If you’d like to ask if a field type is supported or request for one to be added do get in touch any time!

NEW: Added support for the Google Maps, Relationships, Post Object Fields, Link Field and many more!!

For any support issues, please visit this link http://docs.tortoise-it.co.uk/


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  1. Caroline

    I’m having trouble putting together all of the pieces between this plugin and CPT Layout Injector. What is for example, I wanted to show, just 1 of the instances from my Custom Post Type, in my case Scholars, but I don’t want it to be the last on added, rather a particular scholar? I’m waiting for approval for the Facebook group, but am looking for other resources that aren’t just the long videos. Thank you!

    • Sean Barton

      Hi Caroline

      Sorry about the confusion. CPT injector styles CPT archives (ie blog archives) and CPT single items (ie blog posts). The ACF module is just a module and allows you to retrieve data from ACF and display it in your pages. They both work well together especially when using the loop archive module and also on the single CPT item pages to create data tables.

      Re the Scholars example, i’m not really sure what you mean. Post in my FB group and we can talk more about it.


  2. Agustin Gabilondo

    Hello, i need some help… have bought the ACF Module and also the CPT Layout injector. I’ve some custom post types created with the ACF and now i’m building a layout where it goes a CPT Loop Archive. For this one, i have already setup a “Project Loop Item” as you explain on a youtube video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hMMWhi2sIlI).
    The problem is that i can’t figure a way to show a custom field but with the content truncated. The ACF Single item works fine to display the field content that i want, but i need it to be truncated. Could you please tell me how i can achive this??


  3. swiesman

    Is there any way I can get a custom field of a youtube URL to show as a movie using this and the CPT Layout Injector? I’m importing a feed from a YouTube channel and would like to use ACF Module and CPT Layout Injector, but I haven’t found the right combination to allow this. All I can get is the URL to show as text (or with hyperlink).

  4. Fabiano

    Hi Sean, Great job! I have a couple of question. If you can answer I will be very happy!

    1 – Can I include a custom field im the post snippet at a archive page? Some like output the “ratings” value of a specify “movie” right on the snippet.
    2- Can I choose a specify taxonomy from a custom post type to be listed in a Archive module? If yes can a include or exclude manually some posts?

    Thanks for your answer!

  5. Alexandre S Cunha


    I already have ACF Pro for WordPress and would like to know about the real goal of this module, please.

    Does this plugin here is a specific version of ACF to Divi, please? Or is it a complement to ACF to make easy to use ACF in Divi?

    Thank you so much!
    Best regards,

  6. webandpress

    Hi Sean. Works great! I just buy this and KING & QUEEN of the JUNGLE BUNDLE.
    Do you plan in a future can add the option for use custom fields not only of “Advanced Custom Fields”?. In my case of PODS, a great product that can create custom content types and fields with the same plugin.

  7. Seb

    Hello, Does it work with ACF PRO ?


    I am having the image render issue on the front end as well. I used the ACF single item. Selected the image that was input into ACF image field. It shows a broken image link on the frontend, but when I click on it, it renders properly within the lightbox. Any suggestions?

  9. Karrie DiSanto

    I’ve been using this plugin for a while but have a couple of questions:

    1. The image not showing up on the front end of the site even thought it appears on the custom post type, as I mentioned in a previous post
    2. Nothing displays on the front end when I try to use the ET CPT Taxonomy module (I am using CPT UI as used in your video on this plugin) and have set up several taxonomies.
    3. Is there a way to exclude certain taxonomy terms using the ET CPT Archive module?

    Thanks in advance 🙂

  10. V N Prem Raju Valluri

    Hi Sean,

    I purchased ACF Module plugin. I am using Divi Theme. When i am trying to add the fields using Divi Builder i am unable to list the fields that i created in ACF.

    Please help me.

  11. Karrie

    I can’t get the image field to display – it looks right in the backend of the custom post but on the front end it just shows an icon where the image should be. Please let me know what I am doing wrong here – everything is up to date – theme, WP, all plugins. Thanks.

  12. Michae


    Is there a way to set an option which would force the plugin to only render a custom field on the web page if it has a value in the backend?

    I am trying to use the plugin with optional fields and when the textfield is empty it is still rendering empty html in the dom and therefore making the layout look a bit untidy.

    It would be great if you can provide and help or advice in the best way to achieve what I am looking for.


  13. Chris

    Quick question on the ACF “file” field type:
    I have a conditional ‘article_file’ type setup for my client’s legal site. She frequently posts articles she has written along with a PDF of that article if available. ie: “Download a PDF Copy of this Article Here”.
    I have two different ways of displaying the URL on the frontend: the ACF Single Item module or using a shortcode of [acf field="article_file"] in a text/code module. Unfortunately these simply output the URL of the file. and as far as I know I can’t use the output of a shortcode as the href value of a link. Any ideas on how to get this working?

    • Chris

      Scratch that. Solved my own problem 🙂

  14. Derek

    Great plugin overall. However, I am struggling with getting the date formatting I am looking for. I used the ACF date picker and tried to use the Date Format field on the ACF Single Item Module, but I cannot seem to get the format to work on the front end.

    For the date January 10, 2017:

    It is just displaying 20170110 in the default grey text.

    I want “Tuesday, January 10, 2017”

    I’ve tried every combination that I can think of, with and without quotes, single quotes, jQuery format, and excel formats.

    These are the formats that didn’t work:
    DD, MM d yy
    “DD, MM d yy”
    ‘DD, MM d yy’
    Ddd, Mmm d yyy
    “Ddd, Mmm d yyy”
    ‘Ddd, Mmm d yyy’

    Any suggestions would be super helpful!


  15. Fatih YILDIZ


    Is there a support for ACF Gallery field type? If supports, could you please provide a video or screenshot? I need to make a slide from that field similar to woocommerce product images with thumbs, navigation and lightbox.


    • Sean

      Hey there. Yep is does support the gallery type. It outputs a group of images in span tags with consistent class names so you can present them as a list, a row, a gallery or whatever using a little CSS. I can provide this if you like depending on your needs.


      • Fatih YILDIZ

        Great. Do I need to use CPT injector with this plugin? Or when and why should I use them together?

  16. Rogue

    Hi there, How could this work if we wanted a front end submission to post directly into the divi layout? By using Something like Frontend publishing pro?



    • Sean

      Yes In principle. This plugin is for output only. If you can get the information info a post type then this will allow you to output that accordingly 🙂

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* Changelog: * * V1.9 * - Initial versions * * V2.0 * - Added support for url, email and taxonomy fields * * V2.1 * - Abstracted out the field type processing for easier updating * - Added better support for multiple taxonomy fields * * V2.2 * - Fixed responsive text size/line height issues * * V2.3 * - Moved style.css to correct enqueue point * * V2.4 - 6/2/17 * - Tested for empty item before pushing single item module out to screen. * - Removed php notice relating to an undeclared title * * V2.5 - 28/2/17 * - Fixed Image Size optionting to an undeclared title * * V2.6 - 28/2/17 * - Added lightbox gallery functionality from Divi to 'gallery' ACF field type (courtesy of a user code submission) * * V2.7 - 28/2/17 * - Added support for the Google Maps Field * * V2.8 - 5/6/17 * - Fixed default date in acf single module * - Repeater sub fields is_array check to avoid php notices in some situations * * V2.9 - 17/7/17 * - Fixed file type to include the file name and a link to the file * - Fixed cache-buster for the Divi Builder whereby new fields didn't show in the fields list. * * V3.0 - 7/9/17 * - Fixed images used in Repeater module * - Steamlined each module to use toggle classes so you don't need to scroll past the background settings to get to the editable useful fields * - Fixed gallery field layout * - Added licensing/auto update to make upgrading between versions easier * - Added support for the number field * - Added support for User field * - Added support for Page Link field * - Added support for Relationship field * - Added support for Post Object field * - Added support for prepend/append * - Added support for the Datepicker field * - Added setting to allow you to choose whether and where image fields should be linked * - Added helper CSS for single items with bullet point lists present * * V3.1 - 03/11/17 * - Fixed auto update functionality * * V3.2 - 08/11/17 * - Fixed a variety of design settings within ACF table and ACF single item modules * - Removed number format from numeric fields as it was removing decimal places. * * V3.3 - 10/01/18 * - Fixed the repeater field module which was completely broken :( * - Added design options to the repeater field module * - Added support for the new 'link' module which is handy for adding your own title and selecting new window etc * - Fixed issue with Date field whereby an empty date formatted as 1/1/1970 incorrectly * * V3.3.1 - 30/11/18 * - Added button style output to the single module * * V3.4 - 15/08/19 * - Added 'multiples format' option to single and table item modules so that any module that would previously output a bullet list can now output CSV or / delimited data for better formatting * - converted modules to use updated Divi code in preparation for VB conversion * - Added format output option to table item module * - Added number format along with decimal places selector to single and table item modules * - Added before and after options to single and table item mobules so you can easily add things like currency symbols and labels to your ACF tables for better formatting! Even add shortcodes! * - Fixed repeater module not working in certain circumstances * * V3.5 - 03/09/19 * - Fixed Updater code * - VB Support for all modules!! * - Added Title Field to Table module

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