ATTENTION: If you are updating from version 1.x.x of the plugin to version 2.x.x you will need to set your weather modules up again when you update because the module was completely re-written from the ground up. When version 1 was created, the visual builder didn’t exist. Version 2 was completely re-written for the visual builder.

The Divi Weather plugin adds a new module to the Divi Builder that allows you to access and display current weather data for any location on Earth including over 200,000 cities thanks to the powerful (and free) Open Weather Map API.


Divi Weather takes advantage of the built in power of Divi to give you complete control over how the weather is displayed, including:

  • more ways to specify your location, including city name, postal code and country code, and city ID
  • current weather as well as forecasted weather up to 5 days out
  • weather descriptions for both current and forecasted weather
  • use Imperial or Metric units
  • additional weather data such as wind speed/direction, min/max temperature, humidity, pressure
  • fully style every aspect of the plugin, including icon colors, font styles, background styles, etc.
  • a ton of CSS access points in the builder so you can write custom CSS in the builder to target every element the module uses.

Multilingual support

Translations for weather descriptions are provided by the Open Weather Map API and include 33 languages.

Optimized for Speed

To avoid hitting the API on every page load, the plugin has the ability to cache weather data on a location-by-location basis to keep your site loading quickly. The default cache life is 30 minutes but this can be changed in the plugin settings.

Product Support

This plugin is compatible with both the Divi and Extra themes.

This plugin IS compatible with the Visual Builder, the new back end builder as well as the classic builder experience.

I want my products to be the best that they can be. Run into any trouble using my products or find a bug? Let me know about it on my support page!


This plugin uses the Open Weather Map API service to retrieve weather data. The weather icons are from an open-source icon font created by Erik Flowers, which can be found here: https://erikflowers.github.io/weather-icons/

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  1. Linda

    Great plugin for adding a local weather component with strong Divi styling options. Alex has been a phenomenal support. Definitely worth your time and effort.

    • hello33

      Wow thank you, Linda! I appreciate the comment! Let me know if you need anything else at all!

  2. Jonathan Keen

    This can or cannot be used with the most recent version of WordPress 5.0+?

    • Andrew Palmer

      There is a major update coming in a few days – where compatibility will be much better.

    • hello33

      It is compatible with WordPress 5.0, just not the Visual Builder. Version 2.0 is being finalized for release next week which is completely visual builder compatible and introduces a ton of new features like the ability to show forecasts (up to 16 days) as well as additional weather information like wind speed and direction, pressure and humidity and the ability to search location by name, zip code/country code and city ID.

      • Alex Brinkman

        Update, version 2.0 is fully compatible with the visual builder as well as both the new backend builder and the classic backend builder so you can continue working in the environment in which you’re most comfortable!

  3. nomad

    Hi, is it possible to manually add feed translation for some language that is not supported officially?

    • hello33

      Unfortunately not. The language options are provided by the Open Weather Map API and not something the plugin directly stores or generates.

  4. roddyck

    The lisence is Lifetime?

  5. Bret Crutchfield

    Recently purchased, and hands down a great plugin / addition to Divi. Support was amazing as well.

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Fixed debugging error.


Fixed Divi 4.0.5 Visual Builder error where modules sometimes didn't load correctly.


Extracted plugin update script to it's own class for cleaner code.


Adjusted settings page CSS.


Fixed bug where certain time zone offsets returned error.


Refactored temperature conversion functions.


Cleaned up initialization options on the plugin.


Open Weather Map restricted access to 16 day forecast to paid accounts so the plugin now utilizes the 5 day forecast which free API keys can access.


Updated CSS for admin settings page.


Streamlined the way the plugin caches and displays raw weather data.


Corrected bug where forecast descriptions showed up when current weather was disabled.


Improved plugin cleanup so all transients are removed when plugin is uninstalled.


Major update release. Rewrote the plugin from the ground up using Elegant Theme's official developer API. Fully compatible with all Divi builders and jam packed with new features.


fixed error where some spaces were being removed in location names


fixed bug where weather description didn't show up in module settings for some people.


debugged error handling in response from Open Weather Map API


Initial Release

This theme, layout or plugin is comprised of two parts.

1. The PHP code and integrated HTML are licensed under the General Public
License (GPL). You will find a copy of the GPL in the same directory as this
license file.

2. All other parts, including but not limited to the CSS code, images and design are
copyrighted by the vendor concerned and are NOT licensed under GPL.

This license allows the item to be used in projects for either personal or commercial use by you or on behalf of a client. The item cannot be offered for resale either on its own, in part, or as part of a larger project including that being part of a hosting offer. Distribution of source files is not permitted.

We understand that there can be issues whilst utilizing out of date browsers. Please ensure you use up to date browsers when using our vendor’s products. For DIVI Theme – Third Party Plugins may not perform as desired in the Divi Visual Builder if this is the case, please use the classic builder. We are working with our vendors to rectify this situation as quickly as possible. With the release of Divi 4.0 developer documentation and SOME support of third-party modules and plugins are now accessible through the visual builder. 

Please be aware that you will need an amount of experience in the master theme that you are using in order to take advantage of our themes and plugins.
Please make your decision to purchase based upon your skill level to see if our products fit your needs. Due to the nature of Digital Downloads, Refunds are not possible unless the plugin or theme is unusable in your set up – we will require proof of this – please ensure that the product you are buying will do the job you want it too. In the case of Divi and Visual Builder compatibility – some plugins do not yet have 100% VB compatibility. Please check descriptions thoroughly to ascertain VB compatibility. Whilst every effort is made by our vendors to ensure compatibility with other themes, plugins and or web servers. This can never be guaranteed due to the many thousands of iterations in the wild. Please do not be afraid to ask the vendor for support by visiting the product page and clicking the relevant link. Warranty for fitness of products used on your installation is neither given nor implied. 


*Support is provided by vendors directly.

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