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Divi – Filterable Blog Module

Use it on an unlimited number of sites. Check the license information below.

Read also the review of the Elegant Themes Blog: “Divi – Filterable Blog Module.”

“Divi – Filterable Blog Module” is one of the ideal ways for users to filter through posts, projects, products, and any custom post-type in a much more advanced way than users can typically use the Divi Blog module. Rather than just hiding items, the “Divi – Filterable Blog Module” creates a new paginated Divi Blog or advanced content feeds from your different Post Types. Include or exclude posts by categories and tags for your Divi Blog, build your search-, category-, tag- and author pages with this new module and style your WooCommerce Shop page as you like it. It is also fully compatible with all standard WooCommerce filters and search widgets.

This advanced Divi Blog module was developed with the focus on high performance and uses advanced Ajax functionality. With “Divi – Filterable Blog Module” you can include or exclude tags and categories, you can add a numbered pagination or use ab add-more-button and freely customize your Divi Blog and all of your search- and archive-pages.

  • Include and Exclude posts by categories (and sub-categories) and tags
  • Set up to 3 featured posts ordered by their id’s
  • Use it for your search-, category-, tags-, author- and WooCommerce pages
  • Works with every custom post-type (posts, projects, WooCommerce products and more..)
  • Fully compatible with the default WooCommerce widgets, search- and order options
  • Fullwidth- and Masonry Layout, modern CSS Flexbox-System
  • Lightbox support for featured images, galleries, videos
  • Numbered pagination or an add more button
  • Determine the same height for the featured images
  • You can show the excerpt, content or hide both. You can also limit the excerpt/content word count
  • Load new posts by Ajax for better performance
  • Fully compatible with the browser history API
  • Set your desired posts per page number, your offset and order your posts by ASC or DESC, by date, title, author, modified, random, comment count
  • Automatic updates directly from inside the plugin
  • Multisite compatible
  • CDN compatible
  • and Much More!

Each of these described functions is built right into the plugin. With “Divi – Filterable Blog Module,” you will be ready to create the Divi Blog of your dreams all with just one great plugin. “Divi – Filterable Blog Module” can make your blogs faster to load, improve browser compatibility for display, improve organization and drastically improve navigation for all of your users. This simple to install plugin can make a drastic difference in your website as a whole.

Please note that at least PHP 5.6+ ( better is PHP 7.0+ ) must be installed on your server. You also need the Divi- or Extra-Theme and perhaps WooCommerce (if you wanna use it). The plugin is not compatible with the Standalone Divi Builder plugin. Photo Credits

The module is engineered to create complex feeds, archives, etc. But it is not possible to implement the module several times in a single page.

Indikator Design Minimum PHP 5.6

Bruno Bouyajdad from Indikator Design

Author: Bruno Bouyajdad » Indikator Design

You don’t know exactly how to start or you run into issues? Here is a link to the documentation. Doesn’t help? Then just contact me via the Support Form.

For pre-purchase questions use the comments below or just ask me on Facebook.


— 1.0.10 —

  • Changed updater to the EMP EDD updater class
  • Fixed an issue with the separator for the comments
  • Fixed an issue if dropshadow is set
  • Fixed an margin-issue on search results
  • Removed textdecoration uppercase from the header

— 1.0.9 —

  • For the display “no more posts for this category” a layout can now be embedded from the Divi Library. Read more about this in the section “Can I customize the message “no more posts for this category”?” in the FAQ linked on top
  • Fixed typo “Filerable posts” in blog module

— —

  • URLs are now pulled out of the content again

— —

  • Added the ability to add category and tag slugs that do not contain “cat” or “tag”. Read more about this in the FAQ under “Can I use it with my own registered custom post types?”. The FAQ is linked on top (“View Docs”)
  • If images are present in the content / excerpt, they are now automatically detected and filtered out to avoid display problems
  • Fixes an error when using the offset with a PHP version prior to 7.0

— —

IMPORTANT NOTE: It requires that Divi 3.0.91++ is installed! Otherwise you can find version 1.0.6 in this download also.

  • Fixes an issue with the latest Divi version. An attempt was made to add an empty object to the Masonry layout

— —

  • Adaptation to the new video overlays
  • The Plugin Update Checker Library has been updated to version 4.4
  • Removes the error that “Disable Translations” was no longer visible under the “Divi Theme Options”

— —

  • You can now overwrite the text “Read More” for the buttons and the lightbox directly in the module settings
  • You can now overwrite the text “Add More Posts” for the “add-more” button directly in the module settings
  • Improved description for using the different font sets in the normal module ( not in the light module )

— —

  • If featured posts are set, but no navigation, a margin-bottom with the value of article distance is now automatically set
  • Images are now always stretched to 100% in fullwidth mode
  • Fixes an issue when using tags

— —

  • It is now fully compatible with the backend preview mode
  • Fixed an issue with pixelated images in the featured posts section
  • Some minor bug fixes

— —

  • Fixed a bug that caused a fatal error in some development environments by a wrong class call

— 1.0.8 —

  • Fixed a bug that caused a fatal error in some development environments by a wrong class call

— 1.0.7 —

  • Added the new filter methods to images etc.

— 1.0.6 —

  • Introduction of the module “Divi – Filterable Blog Module Light”, specially designed for development environments with lower performance
  • Added 4 new standard layouts: “DFBM-Author-Light”, “DFBM-Search-Light”, “DFBM-Archive-Light”, “DFBM-Shop-Light”
  • Added the filter hooks “dfbm_post_meta_before”, “dfbm_post_title_before”, “dfbm_posts_content_before”, “dfbm_posts_content_after”, “dfbm_posts_bottom_after”. All of them are assigned with the current $post ($post-object) as first parameter, and $featured (bool true/false) as second parameter
  • Added a new fade-in animation for the blog post items. It’s available in the module settings in the “Layout”-section from the “Content”-tab
  • Added the detection of a config file in the child theme used under the path: “/child-theme/includes/dfbm-config.php”. An example file is located in the folder “/helper/” and can be easily moved and adjusted. But you need to change the suffix to “.php”. Please follow the instructions on top.
  • Added all archive layouts in JSON format to the folder “/helper/layouts/” to have the default settings easily available
  • Change from “dfbmTraitGlobals” to “dfbmTraitConstants”. This is also only integrated once. As a replacement, the Singleton Pattern function DFBM() is accessed to get constant values
  • The updaterscript has been updated
  • Fixed a margin-bottom CSS bug for featured posts that was caused by CSS rule changes in the last Divi update
  • Fixed a problem where the page variable was calculated wrong when the offset was enabled with the “add more” option
  • Fixed a problem where a redirection to the product has occurred in the shop index although the lightbox was switched on

— 1.0.5 —

  • Added compression for newly created templates.
  • Added the filter hook “dfbm_query_args_output” to the query args output.
  • Added the ability to close navigation elements on mobile devices when clicking on a category entry.
  • Fixed a problem with a function call that could lead to errors when there were videos in the feed.
  • Fixed an issue with the CSS output for positioning images.
  • Fixed an issue with the CSS output of the add to cart button by using the content as overlay.
  • Fixed an issue with translation for the “Read more” link in Lightbox.

— 1.0.4 —

  • Improvements for category and tag checkboxes in the backend, since a large number of categories and tags caused loading errors.
  • Fix in the updater to comply with the following specification: Force evaluation order for PHP 7 conpat
  • A CSS error for the fullwidth layout with the content below has been fixed.
  • Removed deprecated __autoload from the autoloader class.
  • An error in the calculation of the offset was fixed.

— 1.0.3 —

  • Implementation of the extraction of plain URLs from the content. This can be prevented by setting the hook ‘dfbm_strip_out_plain_url’ to false.

— 1.0.2 —

  • Fixed a bug that caused an error when no video is inserted in a video post
  • Added the filter hook ‘dfbm_hide_scrollbar’ to prevent the scroll bar from being removed

— 1.0.1 —

  • Fixed a bug where links were truncated by enabled Wordcount limiter
  • Added the filter hook ‘dfbm_column_collapse_max_width’ to control the column breakpoint, if et-content-width is set to a high value

— 1.0.0 —

Initial Release

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  1. Rebecca Nathan

    When I put a CSS ID on the module, it does not work. The module does not display and just shows white space.

  2. Sandra

    Outstanding plugin! It does everything it promises and works beautifully. It comes with so many options to customize the styling in exactly the same way the Divi theme works so you can make it match any design you create in Divi. Thanks Bruno for an excellent product and for your timely and helpful support when I needed it.

  3. diego_martinez

    Puedo poner el filtrado para paginas de wordpress ??

  4. Carolin Freitag

    Hey there,

    unfortunately the link to the support form opens/leads nowhere. It just jumps to the plugin description (Chrome, Desktop). Hence why I post my issue here:

    I want to display the module on a unique category page. I’ve done this by using custom category.php files and shortcodes as described here: https://almostinevitable.com/divi-tutorial-blog-category-pages/

    That works as intended with one problem: The CSS for the DFBM is completely all over the place – compared to a regular and expected styling when I use the module on a regular page. Any idea how to fix this?

  5. Taulant Shamolli

    I like this plugin because it can be largely personalized to your own needs. It supports custom posts, which is a must. It has incredibly good documentation and not least support !! Bruno (the author) is responsive and helpful. If you understand a little CSS, PHP and JS then there is no limit to what you can do. I highly recommend it.

    Peace & Love

  6. JensRathmann

    Hello, is it possible to display the categories of one specific post?

    For example the post is called “Car”. To this post belongs the categories size and color.
    But there is another post which is called “Bike”. To this post belongs the categories size, color and price.

    I want to Display the categories to their specific post. Car=size and Color; Bike=Size, Color and Price.
    Is this possible?

    Thank you!!


    • Bruno Bouyajdad

      No. You can sort the posts by single categories.

  7. John Tomelevage

    The forums are not working. When submitting I see an endless spinning busy icon.

    • John Tomelevage

      I am trying to get support for the Divi Filterable Blog Module and the support forums form is not working. I originally submitted my support inquiry to Elegantmarketplace.com’s support ticket system and they told me to get support for where I purchased the module – which WSS form elegant marketplace.com.

      • Bruno Bouyajdad

        Hello John,

        The form should work fine. I received 2 other requests about it today. I sent you an email. There you can tell me how exactly I can help you.

        • Antoine chaudiere

          Hi Bruno.

          Same problem here, I cannot submit the form, it spins forever.

          I tried to reach you through facebook.



          • Bruno Bouyajdad

            Should be fixed.

  8. MaitriDesign

    Hi Bruno,

    Will you be sending an update for the plugin for the new WP and new updated Divi Theme? I am unable to see the category selectors anymore in the updated divi module, and all the custom CSS code I wrote at in the Advance tab is also not visible. I had to switch back to the old module layout to find them.

    • Bruno Bouyajdad

      Hello Maitri,

      please use just the support form for support requests. I have already answered you there. If you use the Divi theme it makes sense to disable the Gutenberg editor to get back the old backend.

    • Bruno Bouyajdad

      Hello MaitriDesign,

      you need to disable the Gutenberg editor to restore the old backend editor, because DFBM cannot yet be made compatible with the visual builder because it is to complex in its settings. Elegant Themes is constantly expanding the third-party API and as soon as it is possible, DFBM will also work with the Visual Builder.

      If you use the Divi theme, it makes more sense to work with the old backend anyway, otherwise the Divi Builder is not available in the backend.

      To disable Gutenberg go to Divi –> Theme Options –> Builder –> Enable Classic Editor.

      Then you have to click on the following setting under the Builder in the backend: “Switch Back To Classic Divi Builder”.

  9. Mariusz

    I do not see any information about whether the plug-in is a one-time fee or does it require renewal?

    • Bruno Bouyajdad

      Please check the license information. One time payment for updates with 6 months support. If you need support, you need to purchase a new support license. If you need no support, there is nothing to do for you and your updates. Thank you for supporting the project.

      • Mariusz

        So why is my license required to be renewed? I bought this plugin 23rd Sep 2017.

        • Bruno Bouyajdad

          Please read my last answer more carefully.

          • Mariusz

            Bruno, I understand – when I buy a plugin I have 6 months technical support. I just do not understand if I have the right to further updates after this time? Because as I wrote, after a year of buying the plugin, in the tab with licenses I have information that I need my license to be invalid and I have to extend it. I have to? It is not about supporting this plugin, but about further updates …

          • Mariusz

            I have this info – License Keys: Divi Filterable Blog Module (expired)

          • Bruno Bouyajdad

            Then there is an issue. Updates are free for the life of the product. I’ll send you an email. Put your license key into the answer and I’ll check it for you. Can you also add a screenshot from this message?

          • Mariusz

            Bruno, i’m still waiting for your email. Can I count on your contact?

          • Bruno Bouyajdad

            Hello Mariusz,

            on the same day (07.12.2018) I sent you an email and asked you to send me the license key and a screenshot of the message. Please also check your spam folder.

            And it works pretty well for more than 1400 users. You need to ensure that your server can communicate with the domain “elegantmarketplace.com”. Check your security plugins.

          • Mariusz

            Bruno, send me an e-mail again. I really do not have it on my post.

            I do not doubt that the plugin works well and many people use it. I have information on my account: Divi Filterable Blog Module Status: Expired, Expiration: September 23, 2018 – Renew license.

            Thank You.

  10. Paul Gieselman

    Hi, I have a registered custom post type on a website I am building and when I place the Divi Filterable Blog Module, it doesn’t show that custom post type I created….not sure why? (p.s. I created the custom post type using CPT UI)

  11. Brian Kirschner

    Hi, recently purchased this plugin. Great so far. When a user clicks on a category name from within a post we are trying to redirect to this module with the correct filter selected. How can we accomplish this? Right now it seems to go to a generic archive page.

    • Bruno Bouyajdad

      Hello Brian,

      you need to use the archive template from the library. Please check the ‘Video Tutorials’ section from the FAQ: https://support.indikator-design.com/faq-divi-filterable-blog-module/

      Your question will be answered in the fourth video, but it’s highly recommended to invest the time and check all videos. The plugin can appear very complex until you understand how it works. But once you understand it correctly, you can do a lot of things with it. In the’Hook’ section you will find a lot of information on how to customize the module with a little coding.

      • Brian Kirschner

        Thanks Bruno. We did not see this response until just now. You may receive another support request with the same question. Please ignore unless it provides more detail about what we are trying to do.

  12. john paul

    Hi, I have submitted two support requests over the last 7 days and have heard nothing yet. I wanted to check if you are actually receiving them, as I have had no email notification saying that the tickets were actually submitted. On a tight project deadline and would appreciate some feedback.


    • Bruno Bouyajdad

      Hello John,

      I have already answered. Please check your spam-folder.

      • john paul

        You are right ! there they are.. thanks Bruno, I have sent the info you requested and also the debug error logs

  13. Georgia Ferguson

    Very frustrating. This doesn’t allow me to limit which categories I use. It says it’s not supported with the current version of Divi. It shows me every category, no matter what I do. I want my money back.

  14. Indravyasa

    Hi Bruno,

    Was wondering if the navigation scroll is a common issue, and would like to know if I can eliminate it. It happen when you use the nav bar to select a particular category, the resulting blog posts load (in this case, the mason layout) but the page scrolls down past the top of the first post.

    Any help is much appreciated, TIA!

  15. mapf

    Hello Bruno,
    we would also like to use the plugin for our website (one domain) with WordPress multisites. We have Divi in use, but the note “The plugin is not compatible with the Standalone Divi Builder plugin” confuses us. Which Divi Builder must be used to use the plug-in? Does an additional builder need to be purchased? We use the standard divi builder to create pages and posts.
    Also, I would like to know if the plugin is compatible with WordPress multisites? Can posts from different multisites be displayed in the plugin, or do they have to be duplicated (posts) before? Or is there a better solution for this?
    Thanks in advance for answering my questions.
    Yesterday we wanted to buy the plugin already (because of the offer), is it possible to pay by credit card or exclusively via PayPal?
    Best regards

    • Bruno Bouyajdad

      Hello mapf,

      if you use the Divi Theme, you have just the Divi Page Builder you need. This means that DFBM is compatible with the Divi or Extra theme. However, there is still the Divi Builder plugin (https://www.elegantthemes.com/plugins/divi-builder/), which allows you to use the Divi Builder in any other theme. DFBM is not compatible with this.

    • Andrew Palmer

      You can buy using your credit card via the paypal interface. Look for a line that says – pay by credit card. Note, if you are signed into Paypal, this option will not appear.

      • mapf

        Thanks Andrew for your answer. The payment by credit card does not work with us as you described it.

        • Andrew Palmer

          That is disappointing I am sorry but there is not a lot we can do about it. Its up to PayPal where they display it. I can see it when I do a transaction so I am at a loss and PayPal themselves are not a lot of help.

    • Bruno Bouyajdad

      Thanks Andrew. In a multisite environment you can only display the posts of the site you are currently on.

  16. lauras

    Hi – I’m thinking of buying this plugin but just wanted to 100% confirm something! Does this module allow you to display posts by their tags alone?

    • Bruno Bouyajdad

      Hello Laura,

      that is possible in principle. You must leave the categories in the module settings untouched. Just include or exclude tags. But please note that the filters in the frontend only work with categories. In that case, it would make sense to take them out. Tags are not displayed in the frontend navigation, you can only use them in the backend in the module to include or exclude post.

  17. Ian Sterne


    Very cool plugin. I am currently woking on a site that has a custom post type “Vendors”. On the page “vendor-single” I want to show content generated by the vendor in their listing. I currently am using “posts” and “recipes” (a custom post type). Is it possible to filter the output so that posts and recipes are only shown if they are by the author of the current post.

  18. Mike Sewell

    The plugin is seeking includes/builder/functions.php in my theme file although I’m using the Divi builder plugin with a custom theme. This is resulting in a 500 error on my wp-admin pages.

    Is this plugin not compatible with the divi builder plugin?

    • Bruno Bouyajdad

      Hello Mike,

      please use the support form for support requests. Yes your’re right. The plugin is not compatible with the Divi Builder Plugin. You need to use the Divi or the Extra Theme. This is a part from the product description:

      “Please note that at least PHP 5.6+ ( better is PHP 7.0+ ) must be installed on your server. You also need the Divi- or Extra-Theme and perhaps WooCommerce (if you wanna use it). The plugin is not compatible with the Standalone Divi Builder plugin.”

      All the best, Bruno

    • Bruno Bouyajdad

      Please note this part of the product edescription: “You need the Divi or the Extra Theme to use the plugin. This is a part of the product description: “Please note that at least PHP 5.6+ ( better is PHP 7.0+ ) must be installed on your server. You also need the Divi- or Extra-Theme and perhaps WooCommerce (if you wanna use it). The plugin is not compatible with the Standalone Divi Builder plugin.””

  19. Jesi Tinker-Rein

    Hey there! I’m trying to redirect my categories to this module with the correct filter selected. How might I do this?

    • Bruno Bouyajdad

      Hello Jesi, I have already answered your support request. Look there for the answer, please. Also check your spam folder.

  20. Agustin Gabilondo

    Hi, i’m thinking on buying this plugin but first i need to know if it is posible to filter with custom taxonomies, because i’m not using the common tags and categories from wordpress.

    Please, could you tell me if it is possible?


    • Bruno Bouyajdad

      Hello Agustin,

      yes it is possible. But you have the register them using a filter hook for the system to recognize them. But please note, that the “cats” need a hierarchical structure and the “tags” do not. Check out the section “Can I use it with my own registered custom post types?”: https://support.indikator-design.com/faq-divi-filterable-blog-module/

      All the best, Bruno

  21. Dominic Canterbury

    Hi Bruno,
    The plugin is working beautifully but it seems to be blocking the “Open Link in New Tab” functionality when you use Ctrl+Click on a blog post. Is there a setting for this? Or is there a way to fix it


    • Bruno Bouyajdad

      Hello Dominic, not sure what exactly you mean. In my demos the Ctrl+Click works normally.

      Please use the support form for support requests. Here you can share more infos with me: https://support.indikator-design.com/

  22. Lembu

    Hello, I purchased this awesome plugin, but I have one issue.
    In media screen 1280×800 ( I use chrome and set the Device as laptop with MDPI screen as my client uses it) it shows 2 columns instead of three that I set in module.

    Is is possible to make it 3 columns?

    Thank you.

  23. Alan Wellburn

    Hi Bruno

    I seem to have this scrollbar issue that was mentioned above. Also missing on your demo site for me in Chrome and Safari.

    I placed the code in my functions.php but it did not resolve.

    Any ideas?

    Many thanks Alan

    • Bruno Bouyajdad

      Hello Alan,

      please use the support form for support requests: https://support.indikator-design.com/

      As described in the FAQ, you only need to add this snippet to the functions.php of your active theme:

      add_filter( ‘dfbm_hide_scrollbar’, ‘__return_false’ );

      All the best, Bruno

  24. laplumegraphique

    Hi! (sorry for my english because i’m french)

    With this plugin can i class my article in a blog module in alphabetical order (A to Z with the title of the post), and in the asc date (not to publish but in the resume, movie who was in cinema in asc date)?

    Thanks i wait your answering to buy your plugin, because it’s just that who i want do.
    Thanks very much for help

      • laplumegraphique

        Oh! thanks very much!!! you saved me!!!

        All the best

        • Bruno Bouyajdad

          Glad you like it 🙂

          Please check also the FAQ for more infos. It’s definitely worth the time to watch the videos in their entirety. After that, handling is usually very easy.

          All the best, Bruno

  25. Dominic Canterbury

    Hi Bruno,
    Great plugin. I’m loving it so far but I can’t figure out how to modify the “No Results Found” page. Can you help with that?

    • Bruno Bouyajdad

      Hello Dominic,

      I’m glad you like it! It’s not a special page. It is just another form of the pagination to show the note that there are no posts.

      You can easily make changes using CSS. The outer container can be reached with the selector “. dfbm_blog_pagination. no-posts” and the note itself with “. dfbm-response. dfbm-error”.

      I hope this helps you.

      All the best, Bruno

      • Dominic Canterbury

        Hi Bruno,
        Is there any way to add content to the “No Results” page? Having just text makes it a bit of a dead end for users so I want to give them something useful to do. Or, at the very least, I’d like to change the text and give them some links.


        • Bruno Bouyajdad

          Hello Dominic,

          please go to the plugin index and update the plugin. For the display “no more posts for this category” a layout can now be embedded from the Divi Library. Read more about this in the section “Can I customize the message “no more posts for this category”?” in the FAQ: https://support.indikator-design.com/faq-divi-filterable-blog-module/

          All the best, Bruno

          • Dominic Canterbury

            That’s awesome! Thanks so much.
            One more question… How can I display the search term they used? As in “No results were found for: test”.

          • Bruno Bouyajdad

            I have added a short code to the FAQ which can be used for this. Please have a look at the section:”How can I display the respective terms on the archive pages?”

            Please use the support form for further support requests: https://support.indikator-design.com/

            All the best, Bruno

          • Dominic Canterbury

            Also, I’m having some difficulty with the layout on the “No Results” page. The sections, rows and modules are being aligned side-by-side rather than stacked.

            Any suggestions?

          • Dominic Canterbury

            AWESOME! That did the trick.
            Thanks so much!

          • Bruno Bouyajdad

            Glad it works now for you 🙂

  26. Brad Lister

    Activated the plugin and unfortunately it had substantial negative effect on the site. Two main issues:

    Created a security redirect loop between login.php and wp-admin resulting in a 502 bad gateway error on /wp-admin url. Had to get server admin to deactivate plugin, at which point int time the site admin page was again accessible.
    Plugin will not allow any pages to load. Simple white overlay with rotating “loading” graphic. Deactivate plugin, all works as normal.

    How do I get a refund?

    • Bruno Bouyajdad

      Hello Brad,

      at first thanks for supporting the project!

      Too bad you’re having problems but it works well for hundreds of users. It seems that there is simply a plugin conflict in your environment.

      Please can you share the debug.log with me? Please use the support form: https://support.indikator-design.com/

      All the best, Bruno

      • Brad Lister

        Hi Bruno, thanks for getting in touch and helping me through this. A1 support.

        Conflict caused by other plugins. Updated woo layout injector, problem loading pages solved. Removed limit Login Attempts, security redirect solved.

        Many Thanks

        • Bruno Bouyajdad

          Glad it works now for you 🙂

          All the best, Bruno

  27. Vanessa

    Hello, I was wondering how this works in woo category pages? I would like to be able to add functionality to these pages, rather than using the plain editor. Ready to buy if you can help.

    • Vanessa

      Bruno Bouyajdad please reply, buyer waiting. Thank you kindly.

      • Andrew Palmer

        Its best to ask the vendor directly, the contact details are on his product pages.

      • Bruno Bouyajdad

        Hello Vanessa,

        I’m sorry about that. I didn’t get any notification for your comments and unfortunately I just saw it a few minutes ago.

        Yes, it also works with the WooCommerce categories. It continues to work with the categories of all custom post types.

        All the best, Bruno

  28. Taulant Shamolli


    When I install the plugin, I get HTTP 500 ERROR on the admin backend. I delete the plugin via FTP, and then the page works again.

    Any ideas?

    Best regards.

    • Taulant Shamolli

      The error appears when i activate the plugin. I also tried to upload the plugin manually through FTP, same error.

      • Andrew Palmer

        Please ensure your PHP version is at least 5.6 and if this does not fix the issue. Follow the links for support on this page.

        • Taulant Shamolli

          I have PHP 7.1.

          • Bruno Bouyajdad

            Hello Taulant,

            I’m so sorry for the late response. I didn’t receive any emails and just saw your question in the Vendor Dashboard.

            Which error messages are written to your debug.log?

            As mentioned before from Andrew, please use the following form for support requests: https://support.indikator-design.com/

            All the best, Bruno

          • Taulant Shamolli

            Sorry for the late reply, I haven’t seen at this thread in a long time. I don’t remember why I did have this error, but it’s no longer a problem : )

          • Bruno Bouyajdad

            Glad it works for you.

  29. Nichole Gagliardo

    Great support from Bruno when fixing a blurry image issue I was getting when using his plugin. He showed me where the problem was and how to fix it. Would purchase his products again in the future!

    • Bruno Bouyajdad

      Hello Nichole,

      thanks for your kind words and glad it works for you as expected.

      All the best, Bruno

  30. John Hicks

    Hi Bruno,

    I’m trying to get the video lightbox to work, but can’t seem to. There isn’t any featured image (with a play button) that shows to click and it auto play within the lightbox.

    Here’s what I’ve tried so far…

    1) Using the Divi Page Builder and putting a Video module within.
    2) Using the Divi Page Builder and embedding a video
    3) NOT using the page builder and embedding a video
    4) Just simply putting the link

    I’ve also tried changing the “Format” to video and it still didn’t work.

    Can you provide some info as to what I need to do?

    Thanks so much!

    • Bruno Bouyajdad

      Hello John,

      I’m so sorry for the late response. I didn’t receive any emails and just saw your question in the Vendor Dashboard.

      Please use the following form for support requests: https://support.indikator-design.com/

      All the best, Bruno

  31. John N

    I’m looking for a blog module that can display blog content based on selected categories, but the filterable button options at the top of the listing would be: A-Z, Z-A, Most Recent, Oldest, Most Popular, Least popular, Random. That’s all I need! If you can add in the ability to greatly minimize or eliminate the featured image of the posts (for blog listings that are quite large) it would be a bonus. I’ve been looking for a module to handle this but can’t find it.

    Let me know if you develop it and I’ll order it instantly. THANKS!

    • Bruno Bouyajdad

      Hi John,

      what is displayed in the filterable button options depends solely on what categories you include. So if you name your categories from A to Z and add them to your posts, the buttons will be displayed like this. If you only work with these categories, they will be submitted automatically. If you also work with other categories, you can either only include the categories from A to Z or exclude the others.

      You can see the current order-functions here: https://cdn.indikator-design.com/media/screen-shots/order-options.jpg

      However, these are defined in the backend. Sorting by popularity is a good idea for the next update. I will also have a look at the possibility to create a filter widget, so that the user can choose the order options himself. This already works for the WooCommerce filter widgets. But I can’t give any eta at the moment, because I’m involved in other projects.

      You can set the size of the featured images or switch them off altogether ( then just the content will be displayed ). The options here are for the all post items themselves – show/hide: content, featured image, header, comment count, categories, author, date, read more button. And for WooCommerce additionally: price, rating, add to cart icon.

      And hide does not mean that it is just hidden by CSS. You will never find it in your resulted HTML code, because it is ignored while the posts are created.

      You can also choose between content and excerpt and set the maximum number of the displayed words.

      All the best, Bruno

  32. Sara

    I used the plugin for an events website and it works like a charm. Five star for product and support!

    • Bruno Bouyajdad

      Nice to read, thank you!

      All the best, Bruno

    • Bruno Bouyajdad

      Glad it works for you now. Please let me know if you need further assistance.

      All the best, Bruno

  33. Peter Hendrickx

    Hi Bruno,
    Many thanks for your reply.
    In the meantime, I have bought the plugin and playing with it now. Really pleased with it. Yes, having the entire query-args returned would be nice 🙂
    Will contact you via a support form if necessary.
    Many thanks for a great plugin.

    • Bruno Bouyajdad

      Hi Peter,

      thank you for supporting the project!

      Today I released a new update (just check it in the plugin index-page). Now you can use the following filter-hook:


      to get the query-args-array. Then you can check for “is_search()” and do whatever you need to adjust your results.

      All the best, Bruno

  34. Peter Hendrickx

    Hi Bruno,
    Just watched your videos; it looks really interesting!
    My main question is, could this plugin also be used as a faceted search?
    Kind regards,

    • Bruno Bouyajdad

      Hello Peter,

      it offers the possibility to determine the posttypes. You have the possibility to hook into a filter. The default setting is as follows:

      apply_filters( ‘dfbm_set_search_posttypes’, [ ‘post’ ] )

      Here you can programmatically query the $_REQUEST and extend this posttype array in your functions.php. However, this is part of the query-args for the WP_Query.

      I could set a new filter in a small intermediate update for the return of the entire query-args if necessary.

      Then you can hook yourself there and adapt these query-arguments according to your needs.

      All the best, Bruno

  35. Filippo Dei

    I have a big problem that in my hand is foundamental. I have a blog with all articles that are written inside shortcode for hidden content. Now the point is with standard divi blog, it works really well because if I do “show all content” that will show the content locker, here result change, if I put show all content, I get all content shown and will be supassed the shortcode and content locker.

    • Bruno Bouyajdad

      Hi Filippo,

      please use the support form for support requests and send me also some links and screenshots. Please also show me which content-locker you’re using. This area is more suitable for pre purchase enquiries and comparable.

      All the best, Bruno

  36. Thomas

    Thank you Bruno, i am also loocking at Awesome Woo Products… Both of your plugins seem’s to resolve my problems !

    • Bruno Bouyajdad

      I’m glad you like them. Let me know if you need further assistance.

      All the best, Bruno

      • Thomas

        just bought them !
        Trying to use Divi Filterable Blog Module… Nothing happen when i click on the module option button 🙁

        • Bruno Bouyajdad

          Hi Thomas,

          thanks for supporting the project!

          Please open your browsers developer console and type in: localStorage.clear();

          It is not an error with the plugin itself. Divi uses the localStorage to store the templates for the page builder temporarily for a better performance. After an update it may happen that old templates are loaded, but new templates are needed. You should delete the localStorage after each update to avoid errors.

          Here you can read more about it: https://ravenousravendesign.com/wordpress/divi-theme/solved-divi-builder-continuous-loading-failing-function-properly/

          If you need further assistance, please use the support form: https://support.indikator-design.com/

          All the best, Bruno

          • Thomas

            Thanks a lot Bruno for your quick answer, i am going to contact you with the support form

          • Thomas

            seems to be a Chrome issue, nothing to do with your great plugin : “Seems like the latest Windows Chrome version 60.0.3112.78 update is causing some issue on 3rd party modules(Uncaught Range Error: Maximum call stack size exceeded). This will only affect Windows User. At this point of time, please use other browsers while we are in touch with Elegant Themes and Google Chrome to find out what’s happening. This is weird and we know that but the Chrome version 59* is working perfectly. Thank you for your understand. We will reply you if we hear anything from them and how we can resolve this.


            i have just update to Version 62.0.3202.75 and it’s works find !

          • Bruno Bouyajdad

            Hi Thomas, thank you for your feedback. Let me know if you have any more questions.

            All the best, Bruno

          • Thomas

            i started to “play” with your Divi Filterable Blog module on WooCommerce. i would like to style the ‘search filter’ and the ‘price filter’ the way you did here : https://dfbm.indikator-design.com/shop/
            Do you mind helping me ?

          • Bruno Bouyajdad

            Hi Thomas,

            I sent you the CSS rules as a stylesheet. If you have any further questions, just answer the email.

            All the best, Bruno

  37. Thomas

    looks great ! no problem with french langage ?

    • Bruno Bouyajdad

      Hi Thomas,

      the plugin is translation ready. So it should work without any problems. You can use PoEdit to translate the .pot-file or you can use a plugin like “Loco Translate”.

      All the best, Bruno

  38. carterangon

    Hello Bruno,

    I have watched all your videos on this Plugin and it looks great and it seems to have all what I´m looking for.

    Ready to buy it : )


    • Bruno Bouyajdad

      Thanks for supporting the project! Let me know if you need further assistance.

      All the best, Bruno

      • carterangon

        Thanks Bruno,
        Always great to see new original products like yours.
        I sent a ticket through support page.

        Hope you can help ; )

        • Bruno Bouyajdad

          Hello carterangon,

          I already answered your support request this morning. Please check your emails again.

          All the best, Bruno

          • carterangon

            Hello Bruno,

            You were right, I had your email already since early morning : )

            Wow!!! thanks a lot for super quick reply and solving suggestions and instructions to my questions.

            Congratulations on a great product and amazing attention and support!

            Best regards,

          • Bruno Bouyajdad

            Hello Carmelo.

            thank you very much for supporting the project! I’m glad you like it.

            Please let me know if you need further asisstance.

            All the best, Bruno

  39. carterangon

    Hello Bruno
    A couple pre-sales questions.
    I want to have a Filterable Tool to use with the Video Gallery page that I´m creating. The posts would be “Video” format.
    So, my questions are:

    1. Would it work the same as the Divi Blog that shows the Play button when displaying the posts as a grid blog? As in this testing site.

    2. Does it add Pagination at the bottom of page? I haven’t seen it in examples.
    3. Could I buy the single use license and if it´s what I´m looking for, could then upgrade to Unlimited paying the difference?

    Hope you can reply soon!

    • Bruno Bouyajdad

      Hello carterangon,

      1. this should work if you don’t use the page builder. Then the first link will be localized and displayed as you know it from the standard blog module.

      2. That’s up to you. If you set it that way, it will be displayed as such. It is an option in the settings.

      3. You can use the plugin with the standard license unlimited. Updates are valid for the lifetime of the product. Only the support has to be renewed after six months.

      All the best, Bruno

  40. carterangon

    Hello Jan,
    A couple pre-sales questions.
    I want to have a Filterable Tool to use with the Video Gallery page that I´m creating. The posts would be “Video” format using Vimeo url just posted in Default editor not using Divi Builder.

    So, my questions are:

    1. Would it work the same as the Divi Blog that shows the Play button when displaying the posts as a grid blog? As in this testing site.

    2. Does it add Pagination at the bottom of page? I haven’t seen it in examples.
    3. Could I buy the single use license and if it´s what I´m looking for, could then upgrade to Unlimited paying the difference?

    Hope you can reply soon!

  41. Nivin

    The layout and the filterable module itself is not editable for me. How can I achieve that??

    • Bruno Bouyajdad

      Hello, Nivin,

      of course it should be possible. I have also received no one else’s feedback like this. With the last update of Divi there were some problems with the Page Builder, but this has nothing to do with my plugin. It is often a problem with the localStorage that needs to be deleted.

      Perhaps there is also a conflict with another extension.

      I have already answered your question about the support ticket. Let’s solve it there, please.

      All the best, Bruno

    • Nivin

      Hi Bruno,\

      I believe something went wrong when I first installed the plugin and the layout is not responding and crashed my site couple of times. I tried in a another installation and it worked. However i’m not getting the sidebar layout between the featured posts and the filterable module… as I see in your demo or videos. Link below for your reference. Appreciate your support.


      • Bruno Bouyajdad

        Hi Nivin,

        everything works exactly as it should. There’s no crash.

        The demo is only intended to show you that the plugin is compatible with the WooCommerce widgets. There is no styling for these widgets included in the plugin. They are exactly as WooCommerce provides them. Every other website has different requirements and placements, so it doesn’t make sense to implement a styling that needs to be overwritten later.

        However, I will gladly send you the layout of the demo via email, so that you can apply the settings and customize them for you.

        Please note that this is not the right place for support. I already answered on your form submission yesterday via email. Please let us correspond there.

        All the best, Bruno

  42. Living

    I’m using the Posts Default Fullwidth on my website. However, when I see it on mobile, it’s not responsive at all, with the image being shrinked vertically! How can I adjust that?

    • Bruno Bouyajdad


      The plugin is definitely responsive. Everything else makes little sense these days. So far, you’re the only person who has any problems in that respect.

      Can you please use the support form and share a link?


      All the best, Bruno

  43. Jose

    Hi, I would like to know a few things about this plugin:

    1 – Is it compatible with other woocommerce extensions?
    2 – Is it compatible with rocket cache?
    3 – Can I customise product category, cart, my account and checkout pages with it?
    4 – Will I be able to use the divi builder in the pages mentioned in point 4?
    5 – Are there specific woocomerce modules in this plugin like the ones included in awesome woo products?

    Many thanks!

    • Bruno Bouyajdad

      1. You’re gonna have to try this. It is not possible to test all extensions in advance. There’s just too many of them. The standard WooCommerce widgets are directly supported.

      2. As soon as caching is active, no more nounces are used, but a custom form of verification. Here in the demo: https://dfbm.indikator-design.com/ – I use W3TC with Redis Page Cache. It should normally work. But you should make sure that the pages are updated when you publish new posts.

      3. ( product category ) – yes; ( cart, my account and checkout pages ) – no; The main focus of this plugin is to build custom feeds ( also for posts, projects etc. ), not to change the behavior of WooCommerce.

      4. For the product category, yes

      5. No. There is only one single module that is able to perform all the functions described above.

      All the best, Bruno

  44. Webpossible

    Also, I’m having issues where the columns load pushed to the right very narrow. Sometimes when clicking on a specific category they load 5 columns when I have it set to 3 columns. Any ideas? Kind of disappointed with all the bugginess already.

    • Webpossible

      When I inspect, it says “data-config” and it’s displaying 6 columns still even though its set to 3 in the module. So it’s displaying 3 blank columns and pushing the other 3 over.

      • Bruno Bouyajdad

        The “data-config” attributes have nothing to do with the columns. They are only used to form the query for the contributions. Please use the form as described below.

        Update: this is not caused by bugs in the plugin. Errors in other scripts cause the problems.

    • Bruno Bouyajdad

      Too bad you’re having problems. However, the plugin is sold very well and so far you are the only one with this kind of issues. Maybe it’s conflicting with something else in your environment or you’ve set the global options used by the plugin unusual (in the form that the plugin doesn’t cope properly with it). Can you please use the following form and provide detailed information about your setup and a link? https://support.indikator-design.com/

      All the best, Bruno

      Update: this is not caused by bugs in the plugin. Errors in other scripts cause the problems.

  45. Webpossible


    Is it possible to do a dropdown menu instead of the tabbed version?

    • Bruno Bouyajdad

      Hi, not at the moment, but I wrote it down for a future update.

  46. George

    On pages where I use the plugin the scroll bar for the window disappears, how do I stop this? Are you able to help?


  47. William Lee

    On the demo, there seems to be a lag in the filtering. When I click one of the filters, it takes a couple of seconds to populate. Is that normal? Is it just me?

    • Bruno Bouyajdad

      Seems to work fine. On which page does it happen for you?

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