** This plugin has been depreciated with the update of Divi 4.13 which introduced Font Awesome icons into the Divi core. Thanks to everyone who supported the plugin over the years and the mission to continue to make Divi the best it can be. **

As featured on the elegant themes blog

New GDPR feature: option to load Font Awesome locally from your server instead of making a remote to call to the Font Awesome CDN.

Divi Font Awesome pulls the power of the iconic Font Awesome library directly into the Divi Builder where you can work with the icons natively, just like the icons that come shipped with Divi.

Most other plugins are great about helping you to load Font Awesome on your website, but actually using the icons involved writing custom CSS for each icon you wanted to use. And if a client wanted to change an icon? That was a whole ordeal.

Divi Font Awesome introduces a simple, 2 option settings page – just enter your FREE Font Awesome CDN embed code and tell the plugin whether you prefer to load Font Awesome via JavaScript or CSS. The End.


This plugin IS compatible with both the Divi and Extra themes.

This plugin uses Font Awesome 4.7. It does not support Font Awesome 5.

Forward Thinking

This plugin was built without creating any custom modules that would need to be maintained, meaning it’s compatible with all of the core Divi modules that let you choose an icon for something. It also means there is less potential for conflict and hell, I wouldn’t be surprised if it even worked with 3rd party plugins, providing they follow Divi’s coding practices.

Product Support

I want my products to be the best that they can be. Run into any trouble using my products or find a bug? Let me know about it on my support page!


How to add icons to elements outside of the Divi Builder, such as the nav menu using Divi Font Awesome:

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  1. Thimal Wickremage

    Hi, I’ve also been having issues purchasing the plug-in. My card was charged but my purchase is shown as “pending” on this website for over 24 hours now. I’ve tried contacting their support but didn’t get any responses. I also didn’t get an invoice. Is there any way that you might be able to help me?

    I suspect the issue might have occurred because I didn’t have an account on this website when I made the purchase and the checkout system couldn’t handle it and threw an error saying wrong email/password (or something along those lines)… But an account was automatically created with the email I provided for billing.

    • hello33

      Hmm unfortunately I’m just a vendor on this marketplace and I don’t have any control over the accounts, checkout or the billing and I have an exclusive deal to only sell this plugin on this site. Can you send me an email using the support form at https://wpcreatorsclub.com with your email address? I’ll reach out to support directly on your behalf and see what’s going on

  2. Aidan Moore

    Is there any other way to purchase this plugin? I have tried to via this site and the site seems to be having issues

    • hello33

      Unfortunately not, this plugin is available exclusively on this website. What type of issues is the website giving you? Are you not able to check out?

  3. katzcyhosting

    Is there any icon search capability within the Divi Builder modules? Thanks!

    • hello33

      Hey thanks for the comment! At the moment no, they are just in alphabetical order based on the icon name provided by Font Awesome but I can certainly look into adding this in a future version!

  4. Shane Griffiths

    I was really hoping for this to work with FontAwesome 5. I saw in some comments that it’s not possible due to ET using the same unicode classes. Would it be possible to disable all ET icons and use all of FontAwesome 5 icons instead?

    • hello33

      Hey Shane, thanks for the comment! Unfortunately at this time, no. Just based on the fact that Font Awesome 5 re-uses unicodes for multiple icons it’s not compatible with Divi out of the box whether the ET icons are enabled or disabled. Divi just doesn’t have a great way to differentiate between the icons. At this point in time there is no plan to support Font Awesome 5 but if things change in the future I will definitely be open to it as I’m a Font Awesome 5 Pro license holder as well.

  5. Ciro

    Hello Alex

    Finally, will this work with Font Awesome Pro accounts? I’m looking forward to buy the plugin but I need to use my Pro account.


    • hello33

      Hi Ciro, sorry for the delay in my response. I don’t get notified when new comments are left for some reason.

      No, this plugin has no plans to support Font Awesome 5 pro due to the way in which Font Awesome 5 reuses duplicate unicodes for icons and the way which Divi handles icons. If Divi changes it’s internal icon handling process it might be possible to integrate Font Awesome 5 but this is extremely unlikely at this point.

  6. David Kirk

    Hello, how do I download the actual plugin to install to wordpress?

    • hello33

      Hi David, once you purchase the plugin it will be available to you in your customer account. You can download any items you’ve purchased from there.

  7. Stuart

    Hi Alex – So any idea whether the Elegant Themes might one day get around to fixing the way they store icon selections? Maybe there are some valid technical/performance reasons for the approach they use, but it seems like a pretty poor solution considering the very clear likelihood that the order of icons will likely evolve in future (either updates to their own list or injection of new icons via various plugins such as yours). A solution that would allow updates to the icon list without impacting previously selected icons would make keeping up with updates to 3rd party icon sets so much easier. Being able to insert icons directly from the icon picker is so much more straightforward than the manual copy/paste/update css alternative process. Thanks in advance for any insights.

    • hello33

      Hey Stuart, as of right now I’m not aware of plans for ET to change how Divi handles icons. My guess is that the community is too large and users are in too deep for them to change the system on how icons are handled because Divi doesn’t store the icon, it just stores the position in the icon list. This doesn’t mean it won’t change down the road but I think if it does, it will be a large undertaking.

      ET has also said they aren’t trying to make Divi everything to everyone and they embrace the 3rd party developers extending Divi to meet different needs. This leads me to believe that extending the icons as part of the core of Divi probably isn’t high on their list of priorities and rightly so. They’re working on making Divi the best all around best theme they can and I can understand and respect that.

      For now, we’ll just keep plugging away trying to make adding additional icons easier. Thanks for your comment!

  8. Erika Chavez

    Thanks Alex for your excellent and quick support! I recently bought some ridiculously expensive plugins from another company and they ended up being useless, as well as their support. Your plugin is awesome and the support is equally matched. Thanks again!

    • hello33

      Thank you so much, Erika! I’m so glad you like the plugin and the support – let me know if you need anything at all! Thanks again!

  9. uvce14


    Can you please clarify licence details. It is unlimited sites? Is it yearly fee or it is lifetime. What about support, 1 year, lifeteme?

    Thanks, Uros

    • hello33

      Hey Uros, thanks for the question! The license is a one-time cost for unlimited websites, unlimited updates. The support is technically for 6 months by default I believe but I haven’t turned away a support request yet! It’s important to me to make my plugins the best they can be.

      • uvce14


        Thanks for the quick reply. Any plans for the balck friday discounts? 🙂

        • Andrew Palmer

          Watch this space 🙂

  10. Chris

    You can’t get fontawesome in sync with your Divi builder any easier than with Alex’s plugin. At that price an absolute nobrainer.

    Plus: support is awesome and almost immediate and he always helped actually solving the issues in no time!

    Thanks for making Divi more fun to work with 😉

    • hello33

      Thanks so much for the kind words, Chris – I appreciate it! Let me know if you need anything at all!

  11. Craig Boudria

    Great plugin and Great support!

    • hello33

      Thanks so much Craig, I appreciate it! Let me know if you need anything at all!

  12. ua


    The plugin doesn’t work in the visual builder. However, it works fine in the backend. Is there an issue with one of the latest Divi updates?


    • Alex Brinkman

      Hi, this plugin is 100% compatible with the Visual Builder. I don’t know if you saw my reply email to your support ticket but if you reply back to it with the version of the plugin you’re using and the version of Divi you’re using I can help you troubleshoot it. Thanks!

  13. Ivan Ling

    Hi, question about the license. How many sites can I use the plugin for? Is it one site per license?

    • Alex Brinkman

      Hey Ivan, thanks for the question!

      At the moment the license is for unlimited sites but this may change in the future. If it does I will continue to honor anyone’s unlimited license that bought one.

  14. Brian


    I’ve recently noticed that when I install this plugin, WordPress shows an update notification in the admin bar. But when I go to the updates area in the dashboard, nothing is listed. I know it’s this plugin because I have deactivated all the other plugins and found this one to be the cause. Any suggestion on how to get the WP update notification to disappear, would be appreciated. Thank you.

    • Alex Brinkman

      Hey Brian, thanks for the notification. I responded to your original support request – not sure if you saw it or not but we’re looking into it. It’s likely a change with the EMP auto-updater since we’re just verifying the license key at the moment and not new versions. We’re looking into it as we speak, thanks for the follow up.

      • Alex Brinkman

        This should be corrected as of version 1.3.0

  15. Ciro

    Will this work with Font Awesome Pro accounts?

    • Alex Brinkman

      Hey sorry, Ciro I just saw this! The plugin does not currently work with Pro accounts. I’m trying to figure out a good way to only allow those with a FA pro license to access the pro icons (I don’t want Font Awesome to sue me if their pro icons fall into the hands of those without pro licenses).

      • Dave Hust

        Has this been implemented yet? That’s what I really need. Also, it shows in the details that it’s for version 4.7. Does it also work with the new 5.0 icons? Thanks.

        • Alex Brinkman

          Hey Dave, thanks for the comment!

          I’m in the process of finishing a version of the plugin that offers the ability to choose between Font Awesome 4.7 and 5, however, this is going to be an issue due to the way Divi stores icon selections in the database.

          Since so many people have asked for version 5, I’ll explain the situation we’re in:

          When Divi loads a page, it gathers all of the available icons in a long list and presents them in the builder so you can choose one. When you choose an icon, Divi does NOT store your actual icon selection – rather it stores that icon’s POSITION in the list of icons.

          For example, if you choose Font Awesome’s anchor icon, it may be in position 400 in the list (I don’t remember it’s actual position) so Divi saves the number 400.

          If a new icon is introduced later (for example when Font Awesome adds new icons to version 5 as it periodically does) and it happens to add that icon BEFORE position 400 (since they’re in alphabetical order this is a real possibility), every icon AFTER it will move back one position in the list. Meaning, the anchor icon would now be in position 401 instead of 400. When Divi goes to load icon 400, it will no longer be the anchor icon you chose, it will be whatever comes before the anchor icon.

          This means that every time Font Awesome adds a new icon to version 5, there is a real chance all of your icon selections will change and you’ll have to reset them.

          This is not a scalable option, especially if you’re using the plugin on multiple sites. It’s unrealistic (and insane) to expect to go back and reset all of the icons on every site, every update.

          This is why I haven’t introduced version 5 yet and if I do, it will likely be a specific version of Font Awesome 5.

          I’m open to discussion though!

          • Dave Hust

            Sounds annoying. Bummer. Like the OP, I really wanted to use my pro account with Divi. I guess I’ll just have to do it the long way. Thanks.

          • Zesty Lemon

            I contacted Elegant Themes’ support team to ask if Divi & Extra supported Font Awesome 5 Pro? There answer was “yes” and pointed me to your product which I then bought and installed. It was only on activating the plugin and then reading these comments when I found out that’s not the case. 🙁

            Looking at Font Awesome 5 Pro, you have to login to your account and specify what websites you’re going to use the font on. The HTML they tell you to use includes a ‘Pro URL & key”. The key changes when you select what version of Font Awesome 5 Pro you want to use. I expect that there server check to see if a website can use the Pro CDN before allowing the font to be used?

            For me the benefits of using the v5 icons far outweighs the cons, I’d be happy to check & change the icons when necessary each time you released a new version of your plugin… presumably that might be inline with new versions of Font Awesome 5?

            For those that are interested, here’s the Font Awesome 5 icon roadmap.

  16. schawki

    Great work. Will it work with the Divi Builder plugin or only with the theme?

    • Alex Brinkman

      Thanks for the message, I don’t think the notification system for these comments has been working – just now seeing your comment so I apologize! The plugin works with the Divi Builder, the Divi Theme and the Extra theme from Elegant Themes.

    • Alex Brinkman

      I responded to this personally in an email to the user but I figured it was worth sharing here as well.

      The main issue involved in this is GDPR. I have a LARGE number of plugin users who come from countries where GDPR is a real concern which is one reason why I haven’t implemented Font Awesome 5 Pro, because I can’t package the Pro version with the plugin to allow users to serve the icons locally from their servers.

      I have considered offering Font Awesome 5 Pro with the plugin and excluding the option of loading the icons locally which would allow users to use Font Awesome 5 Pro (since their servers can do the verification) as long as the users of the plugin don’t mind complicating their GDPR compliance a bit.

      In this option I would just let people specify whatever version of Font Awesome 5 they want to use with the notice that adding additional icons will mess up all their icons (see the other long comment on this page about how Divi stores icon selections) – that way they could still update the plugin but tackle the version on a site-by-site basis since a lot of people who own the plugin manage many sites.

      If they NEEDED GDPR compliance they could fall back to version 4.7 locally.

      I appreciate the inquiry though, it’s good to know there are people who don’t see this obstacle as more than they’d like to handle to be able to use the icons. That’s been my biggest concern.

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As of Divi 4.13 this plugin as been depreciated as Divi now has these Font Awesome icons available as part of the Divi core. Thanks to everyone who supported the plugin over the years and be sure to check out my other plugins. 1.4.7 Fixed bug with Popups for Divi compatibility. 1.4.6 Updated compatibility with the Popups for Divi plugin. 1.4.5 Improved compatibility for the Divi Supreme Lite plugin. 1.4.4 Integrated support for the Popups for Divi plugin. 1.4.3 Optimized asset loading order. 1.4.2 Improved compatibility with the standalone Divi Builder Plugin. 1.4.1 Fixed a bug where some ET icons were not displaying properly in version 1.4.0 of the plugin. 1.4.0 Improved compatibility for sites running Divi  +3.18 1.3.8 Improved compatibility with Divi Booster. 1.3.7 Fixed bug in newer versions of Divi where shop module icon wasn't displaying correctly sometimes. 1.3.6 Fixed overlay icon error that sometimes appears on the Divi Shop module. 1.3.5 Improved compatibility for overlay plugins so icons display properly in overlays and popups. 1.3.4 Fixed bug where icons didn't display correctly in IE 11. 1.3.3 Added additional backward compatibility for the Visual Builder for sites running earlier versions of Divi. 1.3.2 Improved compatibility for class changes to the Visual Builder introduced in Divi 3.10.1. 1.3.1 Fixed a bug in the auto-update that didn't let some licenses activate. 1.3.0 Rewrote most of the plugin to optimize it. Integrated Elegant Marketplace's Auto Update feature so you can now update the plugin right from your Wordpress dashboard. 1.2.2 Added ability to load Font Awesome locally from server instead of making remote call to the Font Awesome CDN. Improved compatibility with the Visual Builder. 1.2.1 Increased compatibility with other themes that are using the Divi Builder plugin instead of the Divi theme. 1.2.0 Cleaned up code. Getting closer to Visual Builder compatibility! 1.1.0 Refactored code to clean it up 1.0.5 Fixed compatibility with Divi Layout Injector 1.0.4 Updated CSS for Font Awesome buttons 1.0.3 Changed Font Awesome JS option to load in head 1.0.2 Updated error checking in javascript 1.0.1 Fixed error with constants 1.0.0 Initial Release

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