The contact form module that comes with Divi is actually quite good. It serves well for contact forms and other simple forms with it’s basic, no-nonsense interface. If you want to build a large form or one with complex logic then any developers opt to use a standalone plugin but often these can be bulky and yet another thing to buy and keep up to date so often aren’t 100% appropriate. One thing that the Divi Contact Form module doesn’t do is to log when someone has completed one. This can be frustrating as in this world, email deliverability is paramount and a quick response to inquiries is very important indeed.

Enter the Divi Form DB plugin. This simple, lightweight plugin stores contact form submissions in the database in an easy to use and read interface. It has accountability built in so you know who read which messages and when, as well as bringing the fact you have received a submission to the forefront of your mind by using an admin banner to remind you to read your X messages (this can be turned off if you would prefer to use the plugin as a backup of submissions instead).

This plugin most importantly allows you to convert any submission into ANY post type so a simple contact form can be used for anything at all including front end submission of testimonials, case studies and content..

You can also export your submissions to CSV on a per form basis if you need to store the data or import it into another application or website.

Quick Start

  • Download the ZIP file bundled with this plugin.
  • Upload and install plugin as normal
  • You will see a new menu called Divi DB
  • All contact form submission info will be stored on that page with actions applicable
  • This product is not designed to be used multiple times on the same page. If you require another form to capture entries for another purpose, you will have to put the instance of that particular Divi DB Form on another page
  • Use on any and all site installations you build for your clients.

For any support issues please hit the support tab


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  1. the match

    There is a language error in the Korean Excel file. What should I do about this?

  2. Michael Augsten

    Hi, is there a simple way to display the stored form data on the website directly with out creating a post from it first?

  3. Jessica Schultz

    this plugin looks promising but I see a bunch of questions not answered from Aug. 2018 up until this year. I would not be interested in paying money for a plugin where the developer is absent and I would like to know the answers to these questions before I buy.

    • Sean Barton

      Hi Jessica, thanks for your comment. Mostly we deal with any comments directly rather than on here but I’m going through the list now and replying. We do have a support desk also at sean-barton.co.uk/support which we sit on and reply to issues directly on also.




    Thanks for the plugin.

    I have a site in 3 languages and I would like to recover the language of the form in divi db form, without adding additional fields, but by recovering the WPML parameter or the “language” parameter in the URL. Is it possible?

    Exemple : in the field “submitted on” > URL > en / Home or nl / Home or fr / Home and not just Home

    • Sean Barton

      Interesting idea. The permalink is pulled from the page Id so in theory the link to the page should be correct but if you buy the plugin let me know in a support ticket how you’d like it to work and I can modify it accordingly for you. I don’t see it being a big job

  5. Kelly

    An absolute life saver – the divi contact form gets more and more temperamental as time goes on. This is a great way to make sure you don’t miss any messages. I use it as a back up system for messages, rather than checking everyday.

  6. Kevin Tutt

    Is there any documentation about the .CSV export function? This plugin seems to be well documented through the video, but export didn’t seem to be addressed. Can you point me toward export documentation?

    • Sean Barton

      There is an export link in the divi db menu item, once in there the plugin explains what options you have. Essentially you can export via page or form ID I believe. I’ve never had any complaints or issues about its usage so I never did a great deal more doco about it.

  7. Michael Satterfield

    Any way you can make this connect to a google sheet? CF7DB has this functionality and i use it with Google Data Studio.

    • Sean Barton

      Not yet but exporting via something like Zapier is on the cards. The info is stored in a CPT on your site so you can use any third party tool to pick up that submission and add to your sheet if necessary. It’s not currently built in though sorry

  8. Andreas Fricke

    After 4 days the support has stopped. Please contact me! DB plugin is still not working. Please don’t forget our company!
    Thanks Andreas

  9. Grégoire Motot

    Thank you SO much for this plugin ! I just bought it and it saved me hours of custom dev !!!

  10. Alex

    Hi, I’m looking for some pluging specially made for divi that allows the visitor to upload any size or type of document to the form, does this have that

    • Andrew Palmer

      No, but kk Divi form does. The upload limit will be according to your server settings.

  11. rhob

    2nd the motion, is there way to make it collect and download field data, ex: csv?

  12. Ron Marcus

    Hey there, any way to export to CSV? That would be perfect! Many thanks, Ron

  13. Tina Szway

    Is there a way to select only some of the information to be stored? My client collects personal information through their form and I would think to be on the safe side we would want some of it not to be stored.

    • Sean Barton

      I wouldn’t worry about it. Every site stores a mass of personal information. Your site database is likely more secure than the inbox of the person receiving the email with the same info on it regardless 🙂

    • Sean Barton

      In theory yes. It uses the wp_post table which will be different for each site in a multisite environment (I think).

      Either way one site’s data isn’t going to get mixed up with another sites..

  14. Mark Ashton

    The contact form DB concept is a great fail-safe for the ’email not delivered’ on contact form submission.
    I love the simplicity of the Divi Contact form … but currently use a form provider (Jotform) for all my clients where the email deliverability is more reliable and where I can use an RSS feed that ‘pushes’ the submission data from the database into a ‘feed’ in outlook. So, I have a ‘push’ mechanism, seperate to email, that notifies me.
    Am I correct in understanding that if a client of mine never received an email submission notification that the only way they would know about it is if they logged into their wp-admin? You see most of my clients don’t have, or want, access to their wp-admin. So, that kyboshes that.
    However, as there is now a database … is it possible to set-up an RSS feed … or for one to be implemented … so that the data could be pushed on submission as an accompaniment to email delivery.
    You can see I’m looking for a workflow solution here … to reinforce the workflow of submission notification … so that time critical notifications don’t get missed.
    Many Thanks
    Mark Ashton

    • Mark Ashton

      Respectfully …
      Does this question not warrant a response then?
      The question is sensible.
      It seems the plugin is of limited use to anyone who doesn’t login to wp-admin every day.
      If we assume the notification email is never received … this plugin provides the all-important evidence that a submission took place. But only if you’re in the backend all the time. No good to a hair salon where people are enquiring about an appointment tomorrow.
      Mark Ashton

      • Sean

        Hey Mark,

        I disagree. Anyone who gets a lot of submissions from their site would normally expect emails to be sent. If deliverability is low then the solution is to use an SMTP plugin which greatly improves the chances of actually receiving the message. This plugin is just a belt and braces way of making sure that no submissin ever disappears which no one else could guarantee with email.. ultimately email is never guaranteed to arrive and storing submissions like this in the DB is always a good thing.

        You’re also forgetting that this isn’t just for contact forms… the feature that allows you to convert any submission into any other post type and to map the fields across to meta etc is extremely valuable. For instance you could ask for customer feedback on your site and so set up a Divi contact form to do that. Instead of reading the emails you could simply convert the responses to a testimonials/feedback post type and display them however you want on your site.

        There are loads of uses for the plugin.. in fact it’s probably undersold. However you’re probably right. If your emails are mission critical then go with SMTP which does more or less guarantee an email delivery.. but this plugin does so much more 😀


  15. Richard

    Hi Sean,

    Could a future update include the ability to save the field mappings based off some criteria?

    • Sean

      Thanks Richard. If you contact me directly with your idea in more detail then I’ll get it added. 🙂

  16. László

    But it would be good if the Divi form DB plugin to save the CST Contact Module Plus data. Do you plan this realization?

    May you have a nice day at work.


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