We are often challenged in the SEO market place.

Leading Search Engine Optimization professionals state categorically that a one page website cannot possibly get a good position on Google and others because there is simply not enough content. They are both right and wrong – read the post completely and you will get where we are coming from.

Divi is a leading web site theme with an awesome page builder and it is one of the easiest wordpress themes to launch a well laid out responsive one page website – yes, it can and does produce ‘out of the box’ full on websites and to be frank, some of the sites we see made with Divi are simply, well, exceptional.

Now, onto the subject matter – Divi and SEO.

When a designer gets to grips with a wordpress theme and the elements of design that a client AND the designer wants, it is easy to lose perspective on what the customer actually wants from a website.

Yes, they want it to look wonderful, they want it to be responsive and they want it to perform.

The performance part is all to do with SEO or is it?

We need it to perform well as a website is, in the main, a large investment in time, money and effort.  We want it to perform well because there would be no point in having a web site built for business if our customers could not find the relevant information, click on a contact link or make a quick phone call to become part of our business.

Divi uses a page builder in the back office or dashboard. We are often asked whether Google can see the content in the page builder – the simple answer is yes it can – it sees text, images and video on your Divi site just as it does on any other site.

There is, in reality, no difference in performing SEO for a one page website than a multi-page website built with Divi.

You still need to register & verify it with Google Webmasters, you still need to optimise it for the Social mediums and you still need to write engaging, educational and entertaining copy for your users – and, you still need to write great headlines that Google and users will appreciate enough to index and click through to.

We have always advised that you should write good copy and that you write it regularly.

So with a one page website, how do we get around that –  Simple;

  • Look at what your competitors are doing and saying in your arena and if you want local business, take a look at that too and make sure you at least have a Google Business  page registered with all your relevant local address details.
  • Figure out what makes them so special. How are they attracting their audience, do they have particular keyword phrases that they are hitting on, do they have an engaging Facebook page or a twitter account that looks pretty busy?

Examining what your competitors are up to is your duty as a website owner if you want the same or similar customers as someone else.

Let’s, also not forget the second largest search engine on the web!


Do you have video content you can upload to youtube? If not, why not?

Making videos can be fun and it can be inexpensive too. There are many companies out there to choose from that can help you get good video content together, and for as little as a few hundred dollars, you can get a video produced that will knock your customers socks off and even more importantly, knock your competitors below you in the search results too.

Now, with all that said, you have probably guessed that there is no such thing as a one page website and you are of course completely correct – Search Engine Optimisation is not just about letting Google find you, it is about you telling Google and others that you are there –  by talking about your site on the social mediums, by posting video and by YES, you get it now – by developing a blog that gets you talking about your products and services.

Divi is perfect for this, it takes seconds to add a blog section to a ‘one page’ web site, it takes moments to write a blog post about your chosen area of expertise (if it doesn’t – you really need to get into something that inspires you!)

As a business owner, you know what you have to do. Work hard, give great service and make sure your website is up to speed with what your customers want.

Using any theme from Elegant Themes or indeed a child theme that you bought right here – you will always get a great result – all you have to do is work it.

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