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Create beautiful Catalogue Lists and Menu Cards directly within Divi

**********Fully Compatible with Classic Builder**********

Use it on an unlimited number of sites. Check the license information below.

“Divi – Catalogue Lists Module” is the ideal way to create beautiful catalog lists and sensational menu cards. Directly as an extended Divi module it is compatible with all new filters, animations, box shadows, borders, rounded corners etc.

Optionally you can insert thumbnails (angular/circular), which can be opened as full size images in a lightbox. Each field can also be used as a link to a page. Decide in the settings whether the currency symbol is displayed before or after the price. Change fonts, backgrounds, hover effects directly in the settings.

So that you can easily insert your lists and menus into tabs / accordions / toggles or text fields, the plugin offers you a shortcode with which you can insert your content where you want it. For this you have a Catalogue Lists button at each text field. If you click on it, a drop-down menu opens from which you can select any layout from the Divi layout section that you have marked with the category “CatalogueList”. This category is created automatically when you install the plugin.

Furthermore, the plugin is multisite compatible and works with automatic updates.

Please note that at least PHP 5.6+ ( better is PHP 7.0+ ) must be installed on your server. You also need the Divi Theme with a minimum version of 3.0.91. Photo Credits

Indikator Design Minimum PHP 5.6

Bruno Bouyajdad from Indikator Design

Author: Bruno Bouyajdad » Indikator Design

You don’t know exactly how to start or you run into issues? Here is a link to the documentation. Doesn’t help? Then just contact me via the Support Form.

For pre-purchase questions use the comments below or just ask me on Facebook.


— 1.0.1 —

  • Changed updater to the EMP EDD updater class
  • Fixed a small margin issue

— 1.0.0 —

Initial Release

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  1. Brian

    Ive bought the majority of Bruno’s plugs and they are all amazing. All his plugs are well worth the money!
    B 🙂

    • Bruno Bouyajdad

      Glad you like them Brian 🙂

      • Ocean Zhang

        Hi Bruno,
        My divi is the latest , but the catalog plugin is not working . what should I do ?

        • Bruno Bouyajdad

          It is tested with the latest version and it works well. Use the support form for support requests and submit more infos. What exactly do not?


          Deactivate all other plugins and change your theme to Divi itself (if you are using a child theme). Check it again. Activate your theme and plugins step by step. Which plugin causes the problem?

          Enable debug.log and then open the pages where the problem occurs. Here with this snippet you can enable the “debug.log”: https://gist.github.com/indikatordesign/562bd70a286a82b89f962332a9399d5d

          Just add it to your “wp-config.php” and make sure that the constant “WP_DEBUG” has not already been defined.

          You will find the file “debug.log” in your “wp-content” folder.

    • Bruno Bouyajdad

      Thank you Brian 🙂

      Glad you like them!

  2. Adam Rowell


    I received this email below. It states that my key will expire in Sept. Does that mean I can’t use the module after Sept? The mod page states that support expires after 6 months not the use of the module. Please let me know.

    Hello Adam Rowell,

    Your license key for Divi Catalogue Lists Module is about to expire.

    If you wish to renew your license, simply click the link below and follow the instructions.

    Your license expires on: 4th Sep 2018.

    Your expiring license key is: 452a4012db935485826eea44968173d6.


    • Bruno Bouyajdad

      No. The plugin comes with updates for the lifetime of the plugin and 6 months support. Only the support license will expire. You can continue using the plugin.

  3. Jack Linke

    Very impressed with this plugin! It made making a beautiful restaurant menu site so simple.

    • Bruno Bouyajdad

      Hello Jack, I’m glad you like it 🙂

      Thanks for the nice feedback!

  4. Sione

    Are we able to import existing mass products into the divi catalogue list module?

    • Bruno Bouyajdad

      Hello Sione,

      not at the moment, sorry. But it is a great idea!

      I will see that I can integrate it into the next update. I think it is best to import the values via a CSV file. Then you can use the free “WP All Export” to export the required fields from all possible CPT’s (not only products).

      The file can then be edited in an editor and unused rows can be deleted before importing.

      All the best, Bruno

      • Sione

        Thanks for the advice.

  5. Gilbert

    Updates for lifetime?

    • Bruno Bouyajdad

      Hello Gilbert.

      Yes, updates are valid for the entire life of the product.

      All the best, Bruno.


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  • You will receive 6 months support

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