I have been banging on about the benefits of local seo for – well – forever.

It is much more effective for a local business to do business with local people and businesses – obvious I know, but not that obvious to most website owners.

Lets take a look at a franchise operation as a case study for local SEO – after all, the franchises are based in towns and therefore, service their community.

It seemed obvious to me that a national SEO campaign was doing more damage than good. yes, the user could find the local outlet eventually and yes, the site had a national phone number for people to call but – I thought it would be better for the user to go straight to their destination and take advantage of the three clicks to buy or in most cases, the one phone call, rather than be directed to another number or asked to wait for a call back.

It now turns out that this particular business is #1 for pretty much all their search phrases on Google  in the UK on a local basis and in most cases on a national basis too – WOW! – How did this happen?

Simple: If Google likes your site on a local basis it will – in time – come to love your national site too and in a lot of cases, Global SEO will  improve too – especially if you have your  international offices listed correctly.

Experiment – or in other words – think local!

Think about what your local customers are searching for, think about what they need from you as a service provider in terms of what you can offer from free advice to resources that they may need from companies like yours.

If you are in any way reliant or want local business and you operate as a painting and decorating company, a carpenter, any kind of catering establishment or you are of course a large corporates or blue chip that wants to deal with people in your area, you need to build your web presence from a local perspective. Ensure your Google Business page is up to date and use the social mediums to drive traffic from your local demographic.

Google loves new, fresh content and if the keywords or phrases you are using in your page titles are relevant to the content, what you do, where you are and who you are – you will get where you need to be, sooner than you realise.

Why not follow this simple guide to Google my business.

Andrew Palmer
Andrew is an SEO & online marketing professional based in the UK. He can be found at www.somebodyshero.co.uk and is excited to be a founding member of Elegant Marketplace. He answers only to his 13 year old daughter, so, if he isn’t working on a website somewhere, he is with her.