We are always working towards making our site a better user experience. From feedback, we have decided not to feature products on the home page to make it easier to tell new users what to expect. The display of various products was also making our home page a little slower than we would have liked. The navigation has been made simpler and the main links are to the products and services you can receive from Elegant Marketplace Vendors and associated products like Layouts Cloud for Divi and Elementor.

We’re still seeing a lot of comments that plugins across the Divi Ecosphere are not compatible with Divi – i.e. users are getting an error message in the Visual Builder that a particular plugin is not Compatible with the latest version of the Visual Builder – whilst this may be true – its very easy to swap to the Divi Back end builder whilst using these plugins and they work perfectly well. . Whilst we are encouraging Vendors to make their plugins Visual Builder Compatible – plugins that use advanced custom fields or connect via taxonomies will take a little longer to make VB compatible – They still work perfectly well in our view and if you are a full stack developer – you will understand this completely. If you are a new user to Divi – we and our vendors can help you through any situation you may be experiencing – just go to the product page and ask for support – with all the waiting for Divi to release all the sneak peeks – its better in our view to use the products that are ready now so that  you can get on with the job at hand and continue to move your website forward.

Layouts Cloud for Divi is now fully compatible with the visual builder and if you watch the video on the home page – you can see how it operates – The VB interface allows the last 200 layouts to be displayed in the VB although all of your Saved to cloud items will be displayed as normal. We have done this for speed reasons so, if you want to see all of the layouts in layouts cloud, just go to them via the Divi Cloud dashboard and use them from there.

We are busy developing an Agnostic version of MY CLOUD  that is compatible with, Divi, Elementor, Beaver Builder and Gutenberg – in fact, we are working  towards making MY CLOUD the de facto saving situation for ALL page builders and just know this will help developers who use a page builder to make the layouts work and also use coding knowledge to make the actual functionality. It is so important to have a speedy way to develop and Page Builder Cloud will change the way you work across all page builders. Sign up to find out when we launch – It will be a little after WordCamp Europe – just so you know.

Talking of WordCamp – Sean Barton and I will be meeting with a lot of people next week and we are even at a joint meet up to talk about page builders, WordPress and all things business that has been organised by the ineffable Tanya Quintieri .

We are attending the meet up for the Elementor Page Builder They are a lot of fun! Elementor has completely disrupted the Page Builder market and where they lead, others follow – they already have a themer, a built in pop up and Woocommerce compatibility – let alone the motion graphics facility – which is astounding by the way!  And they were pretty much the first page builder company to include layouts that were loadable from within the page, we featured them here as soon as they launched and have nothing but pure admiration for their ‘kick ass’ attitude and fun videos.  – Their Facebook group is already at 30k + after only two years in existence and although in large groups people can be a little ‘snipey’, they are doing their best to control the trolls – its well worth joining up or you can join either of our Friendly Facebook group to keep up to date with all page builders including Divi and Elementor.

We are also meeting a few webhosts to talk about the specific needs of Page Builder Customers from helpdesk support to hosting solutions to pre built page builder solutions with extra help for new WordPress users – especially those transitioning from Wix and other online solutions that make it easy to build a website – make sure you are subscribed to our newsletters to ensure that you hear it here first!

If you are a Divi or Elementor Lover – then why not support the marketplace and its vendors by getting the very best in divi theme child themes, plugins and layouts for both Divi and Elementor – we have over 800 products that you can peruse and use as inspiration and we know of many users that come back again and again. If you are one of our 72,000 + Customers, we thank you from the bottom of our heart – as do our community vendors. We are doing our level best to keep up with Divi, Elementor and WordPress in general and as an independent company we strive to give you what you need as well as what you want.

If you are Going to WordCamp in Berlin – do make sure you say Hi – Sean and I are excited to be going to this great city and connecting with users, vendors and the WordPress community.


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Andrew Palmer
Andrew is the founder of Elegant Marketplace.