Enjoying the perks of working remotely but starting to feel a bit lonely? If you are looking for an alternative to working from home or afternoon sessions spent in your local cafe, taking up a spot at a coworking space may be the solution for you. With the rising popularity of remote work and freelancing, coworking spaces are popping up all over the globe – but how do you know which ones to go for? We explore 5 of the top coworking spaces available around the world.

Remote working space - lounge area

B.3 Lounge Area. Image by B. Amsterdam.

Working remotely does not mean you have to work alone. In fact, it can mean the complete opposite. Digital nomads all over the globe are being brought together by coworking spaces designed to facilitate collaboration, share resources and build networks. Whether you are a freelancer, startup or established business, shared spaces offer remote workers the opportunity to be part of a wider community, whilst still maintaining a sense of independence. Coworking spaces are also a great platform to make friends and socialise – because as much as your cat provides exceptional company, sometimes it takes conversations with real, like-minded people to get inspired. So, if you are struggling to work out how to stay sane when you work from home, or just want a change of scenery – keep reading! We have used our insider digi-nomad knowledge to hunt down 5 of the top coworking spaces around the world for friendly nomads who want their daily dose of human interaction.

1. Huckletree, London and Dublin

Huckletree's Shoreditch Workspace Accelerator Lounge Area

Huckletree’s Shoreditch Workspace Accelerator. Image by Huckletree.

With four locations across London and Dublin, this self-described ‘Workspace Accelerator’ brings together startups, scaleups, innovation teams and international brands, to build a unique, global community. Known as HKT-ers, these leaders of change are shaking up United Kingdom’s tech and digital lifestyle scene. Boasting amenities such as a no-tech Meditation Yurt, podcasting booth for content creators, an in-house Kids Studio, squash court, and private rooftop terrace, it’s no wonder that Huckletree has an epic reputation for being more than just a coworking space. With such a focus on community, don’t be surprised if your new HKT membership comes with a few industry introductions or exclusive event invites! Huckletree is London and Dublin’s perfect place to find a balance between business and leisure, and build some amazing connections along the way…

2. DI Telegraph, Moscow

DI Telegraph’s Conference Hall coworking space

DI Telegraph’s Conference Hall. Image by DI Telegraph.

Located in the heart of Moscow, DI Telegraph is an IT junkie’s dream workspace. Previously home to the first Soviet communications company, the iconic Central Telegraph building has been repurposed to create Moscow’s premier workspace and networking hub for tomorrow’s tech disruptors. Four large areas, including a conference room (featured above), 1300 square meters of co-working space and two meeting rooms, play host to a diverse and exciting community of tech and new economy professionals. And if the industrial architecture of the Central Telegraph building isn’t inspiration enough, DI Telegraph’s learning area offers lectures, workshops and master classes so you can learn from the best, in one of the top coworking spaces around.

3. Hubud, Bali

Hubud's First Floor coworking space digital nomads

Hubud’s First Floor. Image by Raphael Olivier.

If concrete playgrounds aren’t for you, and you want to make lifelong friends with fellow wanderers, secure a spot at Hubud – Bali’s first coworking space. This ‘bamboo haven of big ideas’ has the tools you need be productive – such as super fast internet, meeting rooms, events and workshops – in a setting where you can’t help but feel relaxed. With its unparalleled view of rice fields and a volcano, Hubud has played host to over 10,000 visitors and has caught the eye of Lonely Planet, Forbes, CNBC and the ASEAN Startup Awards. Catering to both digital nomads/entrepreneurs and yogy-bears, this international community has a lot to offer, including partner spaces in Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil and the US. For a remote-working holiday that’s both good for your business, and your soul, Hubud has to be a top choice.

4. The Work Project, Hong Kong and Singapore

The Work Project Midtown, Hong Kong. Digital Nomads Coworking Spaces

The Work Project Midtown, Hong Kong. Image by The Work Project.

The Work Project is a series of awe-inspiring coworking spaces and serviced offices across Hong Kong and Singapore. With its emphasis on beautiful design, the Work Project attracts professionals looking for a taste of luxury. By collaborating with top architects and leaders of thought, the founders of The Work Project have reinvented the workplace experience, with every aspect of each space carefully considered to increase workplace happiness and productivity. You’ll feel right at home with access to a gourmet pantry, free meeting rooms and member perks. The Work Project even offers 24/7 keycard access to workspaces for its members, because you might not want to leave.

5. B. Amsterdam, Amsterdam

B. 2 Lounge Amsterdam coworking offices

B.2 Lounge. Image by B. Amsterdam.

Last but certainly not least, we have B. Amsterdam: Europe’s largest startup ecosystem. Spread across three buildings, 40,000 square meters of workspace connects startups, corporates, entrepreneurs and creatives to create a unique social environment. Membership at B. Amsterdam means access to lounges, a gym, cinema, and rooftop restaurant, with the added perk of connecting with new coworkers each day. Offering both office and coworking spaces, you can enjoy the flexibility of working from various common areas, until you decide it’s time to commit to an office setting. If you are looking for support from your new coworking friends, B. Amsterdam also run B. Startup School Amsterdam (BSSA), a course and traineeship designed to bridge the gap between graduates and the startup industry by teaching the most in-demand tech skills. What’s not to love?

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