So, how do you all do out there?

Do you work in a company with colleagues in offices, or is it “just you” in the smallest room in the house that has been turned into your office?

For me, in my website-building business, it is the latter. In the beginning, when I started out, I was perfectly happy like this.

The last years “working for the man” I never really enjoyed the coffee breaks/”fika” in the “fika-room” (as it actually was referred to when we had gatherings where our bosses gave us important information) as they gathered most part of the 60-70 people working on the same floor into a too small room with a too high noise volume, so I usually stayed at my desk.

Today, I have to admit that I actually miss it.

Taking a break, no matter what you call it, is very important for you, as a person, your job and results. Getting up from your desk, move your little legs 50 paces down the corridor and breathe fresher air and maybe boost yourself with some coffee or whatever your preferred daytime drink is, brings new thoughts and ideas in your head.

Doing this with co-workers, well, you can just imagine!

Over a “fika” around the coffee-table is where we talk about what we did last weekend, what are we going to do this weekend – no plans? Well, come out to our country house! A bit more small talk, and suddenly you get some ideas on how to get that greenhouse you have been wanting for years. Or maybe your colleague has some old skates that his/her kids grew out of, that you can purchase for a second hand-rate or even inherit.

Not only on our personal levels, the “fika-break” is also great for bouncing ideas for work. Never underestimate what the change of environment does for the creativity, especially if you are struggeling with some hard issue and get totally stuck. Get up, take someone with you and go for a fika! I will not make any promises that all your problems will be solved – but I’m sure taking that break will make it easier to tackle down the problem later.

So how about us working alone in our homes?

Well, personally I tend to keep my Skype open more and more. This makes it easy to contact my fellow co-workers, i. e. men or women with their own companies. A Skype-session of 15 minutes is about the closest thing I get to a “fika” these days, but, it is a really good alternative. Limited amount of people, in my own room/house without the noise level, and the topic mostly being company-related.

Wow, what an idea, what if we all could get together over a Skype-fika!

And are we all having “fika” in our vocabularies now? 🙂

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Veronika Berg