Do you find yourself engaging in battles with clients on a never-ending basis?

Clients can often seem like flame throwing dragons. So, if you see yourself as a hero of the freelancer realm, let’s teach you How To Train Your Dragon!

Teach Them!

You’re the specialist, and they’ve hired you. Teach them a thing or two in how you work. You have the advantage in the fact that you know what you are doing and they don’t. They breathe fire, and you have the shield!

Be Patient

You know what you’re talking about, so be clear in your terms and examples. Use pictures and visual aids, and write it all down for them. Dragons are bumbling creatures, and you are the dynamic hero

Let Them Think They’re In Charge!

To win their trust, some subtle psychology needs to be implemented. If your client demands respect, give it to them. Let the baby have their bottle! Dragons look big and scary, but they can only roar and breathe fire, whereas you have the power of rational thought and a big shield!

Work Fast

Some clients only care about money. If you work fast or at the very least STICK TO THE SCHEDULE, they will be indebted to you. Get the job done and they won’t breathe fire in your general direction.

Set Your Boundaries!

Set up your terms and conditions up front, and ensure they know where the boundaries lie. If you train your dragon, you can use them to your advantage and they can be a willing participant and valued customer for eons.

Finally!  Train your dragon well, and you won’t be burning the midnight oil, AND your business won’t go up in flames 🙂 

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Andrew Palmer
Andrew is the founder of Elegant Marketplace.