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Xpand Lite for Divi 404 Page (FREE)…

This small free plugin allow you to create 404 page in divi page buldier.

How it Works?

Xpand plugins will display a code for each existing Layout inside the DIVI library. Copy this code and add to module 🙂    simple module in module divi… ????

If you want display layout on 404 page go to widgets section and  put “divi layout” widget to new  sidebar 404 section. Next chose layout and save widget in sidebar 🙂

This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful ????

If you want you can buy pro version of xpand plugin-   – https://elegantmarketplace.com/downloads/xpand/

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v 1.0.0 - 04.05.2018

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