DIVI FIXr (Site Fixer)

$50.00 - $50.00

Have you got some issues that are not being fixed through the various help channels.

If you prefer to try and fix things yourself that are common issues in divi  and WordPress like a never ending spinning wheel, Divi Builder not loading after transferring sites or anything else similar, read this first 

No need to pay up front. Simply click the button above to find a site fixer in your time zone via our form

If the FIXER determines that they are going to need to do a site investigation before they can quote you a price, you will be charged a site investigation fee. That fee will then be applied to the total cost of your Fixer quote.

Do you need that little bit of extra help?

Here’s how we can help

Installation of a child theme from any of our vendors
Image Sizing
Duplicating your site and moving the hosting

The Fixer assigned to your project will quote before they perform any work. Usually fixes are straightforward, however it is sometimes the case that a site investigation is required before the fix can be quoted on. If we have to perform a site investigation up front, we reserve the right to ask you to pay a site investigation fee of 1 Fixer unit (£25.00) to determine the full extent of the fix.

Some services may attract a monthly fee from us for mentoring and training too. Or you may decide to enter into a monthly maintenance plan that we can quote you for as well.


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  1. Pierre Dieudonné


    we just bought divi_extended_google_fonts. Great!
    But since the installation, we have a bug in frontend…:

    Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/spooncon/home/elegan75/public_html/wp-content/plugins/divi_extended_google_fonts/divi_extended_google_fonts.php on line 277

    Where can we find some help to fix this bug ?


  2. Diana Comberiati

    How do we submit a request?

  3. Andy

    Andrew was a great help to me. I was working on a freelance assignment in sub-optimal conditions. He was able to hop on a screenshare and walk me through for a very reasonable consulting rate. The problem ended up being something silly, but he saved any snickering until after we’d logged off. Ha! Very grateful for the assistance. I hope to bend his brain on a more complex problem in the future. The research put in up front made our session very efficient and affordable. Would definitely trust him and the Divi Fixr team again.

    • Brian

      Same here, just used the service. Brilliant! 🙂

  4. heather harman

    Hi Fixrs.

    I last used you service last June – Jonathan.
    Yesterday I was writing a couple of new pages for my membership site. One called ‘Join the Academy’. Since then I have had issues with and title box reverting to Joint the Academy no matter what I wrote in it – within a few seconds.

    I wrote a new page this morning called pricing panel and this is what it is now:
    Not only has it reverted to Join the Academy – but also the permalink changes with it – so given time all my pages will say Join the Academy!!!

    Can you remove this gremlin for me???

  5. Terry

    Need to upgrade LocalBiz theme from current PHP 5.5 to higher PHP. How can this be done??

    • Andrew Palmer

      You can ask your host to upgrade php on your server. You won’t be upgrading the theme, just your server.

  6. Andrew Palmer

    We are so pleased you liked our service. If you have any more issues, please do get in touch again. Great comms from this good customer.

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