The Divi Builder uses browser application storage to cache javascript and other stuff so the Builder loads quickly each time. With updates, it can get confused. This is not your normal “clear your browser cache” thing that saves images, CSS etc. for faster loading. Hit F12 to pull up the Inspector (or right-click, select “Inspect”). Go to the Application tab, then Clear Storage under that. On the right make the checkboxes look like this (only two unchecked): □ Unregister service workers  Local and session storage  Indexed DB  Web SQL □ Cookies  Cache storage  Application storage Hit the “Clear site data” button, then refresh your page. Give it a couple of minutes to regen the app cache. Try that a couple of times. Usually works for me, but no guarantee.  There are similar methods for other browsers that you can look up. Divi update seems to have cured some caching issues – but if you are still having issues. See below There has been a lot of chat around the latest Divi updates breaking sites, modules and third-party plugins. As a Marketplace, we see this all the time in the Facebook groups. The main culprit seems to be caching. Now, most websites have a caching plugin, use a minification system (basically taking out all the blank spaces that code uses) or they might be taking advantage of one of the newest innovations in Divi  – Static CSS and CSS & JS Minification.

Plainly, people are having issues with Divi.

There are many Facebook groups for Divi, and Elegant Themes are very active in all of them, this must be a little bit of a nightmare from a support aspect, but, in our view, it shows the commitment that they have in fixing these little issues. Here are some solutions to fixing builder errors, memory issues and of course clearing your cache on your websites and in your browsers.

PHP Version

If your host is using less than 5.6 you need to have a word with them or change the version to at least 5.6 or 7 (7.1 seems to break Divi given the consensus in the groups) Increase PHP Memory via php.ini. In this post, we have made available a php.ini file that you can upload to the root of your website – ensure you unzip it before you upload it, this seems to cure most builder timeouts and the white screen of death. You can add this code to your htaccess code if you are allowed access to it or ask your host to add it for you.  Just place it at the top of the file in editor mode (ensure you download a clean copy ‘just in case’ ) SubstituteMaxLineLength 10M

Clear your cache

Most web hosts have some sort of caching enabled and most websites will be using a variety of tools to help with this as well, as I mentioned above. But, did you know that some Internet Service Providers also serve cached files? NO, heck, sorry to be the bearer of this news. You can clear cache in a variety of ways on your desktop browsers. Here’s how. If you use an incognito browser to check your site, you will likely see that the site performs as it should. As you can see, caching is a major issue and should never be ignored. As a last resort, you may need to turn off Static CSS and Minification on the builder via Divi Options>Builder and save and then go to General tab and scroll all the way to the bottom and turn off Minification for CSS and JS.


This website has the definitive answer

Updating Divi

In some cases we are seeing Divi causing a 500 error on some servers. This is generally due to the PHP version so follow the instruction on upgrading php.ini memory and php version and you should be good to go.

Modules and images not loading/changing appearance after upgrading

Caching is normally the reason for this so again, clear your browser cache. Again, from all the posts that ET do in the Facebook groups, we can see them working hard on getting the very best options to all of us and we know they would never intentionally want your sites to break so, follow common sense rules when upgrading, installing and making major changes to your site files. Always, always take a backup first. In the video below, I take you through a very easy process of doing this via All in One Migration (it also talks about , starting a WordPress instance, making a site and moving it to live first – always a good thing – if you don’t know how to do that). We know there are plenty of back up tools out there and we love Blog Vault, Vault Press and Duplicator. We just happened to highlight All in One Migration in this video. If you are using Flywheel or WP Engine – they have there own excellent one click back ups too. So, After fixing many issues with Divi Hanging, these are MY recommendations Host – get a good one – do not go cheap!  Server set up PHP VERSION 7 or later HTACCESS SubstituteMaxLineLength 10M

Divi – Latest Plugins – Latest Memory Allocation in wp-config Amend this line to be at least 256mb define (‘WP_MEMORY_LIMIT’, ‘256M’); Turn off Divi CSS Minification and Static CSS – especially if you are using a caching plugin that handles this for you. This has worked – Every time!

Of course, as a Divi User, if you have any questions, suggestions or solutions to the common issues raised here, please feel free to leave a comment.

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