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Think of it as a beautiful combination of the Image Module and the Call to Action Module.

You define a optional Title, Content and either a Background Image or Background Color. You also can add a URL.

If using an image, the height will be automatically calculated to fit the image inside the module. However, if you use a background color only or if you want to chose the height of the image yourself, you can enter a fixed height. You also have options to modify the appearance of the title and content.

Images will still fill the whole module when using fixed heights and the height can be chosen differently for phones, tablets and computers. Of course you also have the option to add custom CSS to ANY part of the module. It’s very customizable.

Tipps & Tricks

  1. If you want no animation of the image, you can set a fixed height and instead of using the image field, you can use the background field to select an image

About the Licensing Options

Purchasing the module here gives you a lifetime valid license which will allow you to get free updates forever. The single site license is valid for one site at a time. That means that if you at some point decide to use the module on another site, you just have to deactivate the license and remove the module. You then are allowed to use the existing license on another site.

The unlimited license is perfect if you are an agent or if you own multiple sites. You can use the module on as many sites as you want, even on sites for your clients.

How about Updates?

To get free updates, you have to activate your license. If an update is ready for you to download, you can easily update the plugin via your WordPress update site. No need to remove the previous plugin. Use WordPress native update mechanisms to get the latest versions.

What’s next?

We have great plans for the future. Of course your feature wishes are very welcome. Here is what we would love to implement within the next updates:

  • Different image animations (e. g. zoom out)
  • Different text animations (e. g. move down, zoom in/out)

Missing something? Use the contact form on our demo site to get in contact with us at any time. Your satisfaction is our goal. Our passion is to help you build great sites!

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Version 1.5

  • Fixed compatibility for Divi 3.0.53 / Divi Builder 2.0.15

Version 1.4

  • Fixed a problem with the updater. Updating now works as intended via the WordPress Plugin Page
  • Fixed a problem where images in some cases didn't fill the whole Bucket

Version 1.3

  • Implemented Updater

Version 1.2

  • Fixed issue where sometimes the content was initially not hidden and not animating correctly

Version 1.1

  • Fixed wrong field descriptions

Version 1.0

  • Initial release

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