The Divi Theme Users Facebook group is a great way to get Divi and Divi related help. There are a tonne of experienced Divi users and developers in the group who would probably be able to help you fix any issue, from styling problems through to custom PHP fixes and even hosting and admin related questions.

So, why would you need anything else?

Well the truth of it is, sometimes you aren’t in a position to give a member of the Facebook group direct access to your site to enable them to fix your problem, you may not know them very well, you can’t be sure what they will do to your site and of course, you may have security concerns.

So, you have to ask a question, get a few possible solutions, try them out yourself and see which one works. Often, if you understand the piece of CSS or PHP code you are given, it’s quite an easy fix and you can move on. The reality however is that without a full understanding of your sites specific set up, these code snippets could potentially break something else on your site, or your site entirely.

This is where the Divi Fixrs come in. A group of Divi and web development experts from around the world, the Divi Fixrs can be trusted with all your private web site access data, like FTP or CPanel details. Because of this, the Fixr can take an in depth look into your problem and perform a fix that not only solves your query but will not affect any other part of your website. On the odd occasion where some unknown part of your site is affected, they will make sure they fix that also. It’s like having your own personal Divi support team. Don’t believe me, read some of the great reviews our Divi Fixr service has received.

“Not only did they fix my problem but there was an opportunity to learn from the mistakes I had made to create the problem! Fantastic service! Highly recommended!”

“What would I do without this guy? Having this service means that I can concentrate on being a designer who can use Divi but doesn’t want to have any other technical hassle. Peace of mind is worth a lot.”

“I can only highly recommend the services from Elegant Marketplace – they have helped my business hugely with their technical knowledge and patient advice – will use them again when I next need help”

“After inheriting a (non WordPress) site from another web designer from a big local business i was having issues translating a contact form to WordPress and the way it submitted data to their CRM system. After spending 2 days (and some cash) dealing with another developer trying to get the issue resolved, i contacted the Divi Fixr team – within 24 hours, the problem is solved and i couldn’t be happier! Thank you”

The Divi Fixr service is underwritten by Elegant Marketplace – we choose our Fixrs with the utmost care and diligence based not only on their experience but also their levels of customer service and trustworthiness. Using a Divi Fixr means you know you are dealing with someone who will handle your site with the utmost respect, the same way you do.

Better still, not only are our Fixrs Divi experts, they are WordPress experts too. So, even if you are experiencing a problem with a non-Divi site, they’ll be able to help you.

Finally, one of the extra benefits of the Fixr service is the Divi Fixr support access plugin. This plugin allows you to control creating a secure access method to your website admin. Instead of sharing usernames and passwords, you’ll simply use the plugin to generate a secure token, which the Fixr can use to access your site.

How it works.

To get Divi Fixer support system is really easy. Just visit the Divi Fixr product page and fill in the form to submit your query. You will receive a notification that your query has been logged and a support ticket number. One of the Fixrs will get hold of you to discuss your situation and provide a solution. They will always quote on the fix first so that you have the choice to accept their quote or not.

And that’s about it. If you accept the quote they will let you know how to arrange payment and the fix will be completed. It’s really that easy.

So the next time you need a web development expert, who has specific experience with the Divi theme and related products, consider the Divi Fixr service.

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