Defining Moments

Defining Moments

Everyone has a “how I got started designing websites” story. In many ways, it is not a surprise that I landed here. Like many high school girls, I enjoyed Art class best. In college, I peppered my Comp Sci course load with Graphic Printing and Photography classes. But...
Gruissan office de Tourisme

Gruissan office de Tourisme

Divi offers a really nice design and layout right out of the box, but as with many things, people want to make something their own by way of customisation and the Gruisan site takes this to a whole other level. When searching for Divi sites to include in Divi Theme...

40 Years Old, 20 Years Behind

That pretty much sums up how I feel right now. Why? Let me tell you my story, (I’ll try to keep it short). In the early nineties (yep, last cent…, no, MILLENNIUM) going to school in Sweden involved hardly any lessons in or on computers. As part of our exam, we...

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