Andrew has a chat with the very open and delightfully candid Co Founder of WordPress – Mike Little.

When I visited Word Camp London a few weeks back, I had no idea I would bump into the chap that had co founded WordPress with Matt Mullenweg. I found him open, delightfully friendly and easy to talk to and I vowed there and then that I would introduce this most important person to our community.

Please allow me to introduce you to Mike Little.

For, without Mike (and Matt) we would not have an opportunity to use such an adaptable, affordable and easily installed piece of software that we all (well most) can earn a living from – with the Divi Theme, Elementor, Beaver Builder page builders, and of course some hard coding if you want to – WordPress has proved beyond any doubt that it is the core of the web. Many thousands of users can blog, post their stories and of course earn money simply because Mike and Matt had the foresight to build it.

An original Fork of B2/Cafelog – the guys found each other on the web and the rest, as they say – is History.

Thanks must also go to  Michel Valdrighi  who came up with B2/Cafelog – you can see what he is up to here

We talk community, page builders, Gutenberg and a whole lot of other stuff that I am hoping you will find enlightening and entertaining. Comments, as always – are welcome.

With apologies on the quality of my sound – I must buy a new Mic!

As promised in the video – here is a plugin to turn off Gutenberg 

While you are here, why not re visit (or visit for the first time – An Interview with Jeff Golenski who is part of the JetPack Team?

A little about the author, Andrew Palmer

Andrew Looks after the Developers, product updates and general maintenance of the Elegant Marketplace Website. He also runs his own Online Consultancy in the UK under the banner of Somebody's Hero.


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