If you missed the excellent Divi nation podcast and video where Nick Roach was interviewed, you can see it again here. In the interview Nick was asked many questions by the community including myself and Eileen and in my opinion, he answered all with a great mix of openness and discretion – its a tough task to be both as I am sure you will all agree.

My Question was on security and trust when giving out credentials to your website and confidential information – this was asked mainly due to the fact that we as Elegant Marketplace have grown to such a degree that it is simply impossible for two people to run what is now a medium sized business rather than a small one and we are pleased to say that the developers we have working on the site are proving to be worth their weight in gold!  Our growth and sustainability is of course because of you, our community supporting our efforts to bring you the very best in plugins, themes and of course free items and free advice on how best to run your web business or how to actually use Divi if you are not that familiar with its workings – hence the development of Deep Divi Into Divi which is also proving very popular along with our other courses on Yoga stretching and productivity.

With Marketplaces for Divi now springing up all over the place and Nick even intimating (after being pushed by Nathan!) that ET will launch their own marketplace – (we knew this from day one it has to be said) the opportunities for customers are going to be endless for layouts, child themes and plugins – lets face it, if and when ET launch a marketplace – we’ll be one of their first customers for sure.

With all that being said – it is sometimes a tough choice for users of where to buy, what to buy and indeed IF to buy premium themes and plugins. Our growth over the past 4 months, suggests that we are doing the right things at the right time and with the right mix of products but, guess what? Its going to get even better!

New System, better service, better support and better products

We are developing a new system where we are going to be able to offer you Royalty Free Music tracks, Royalty Free Images from a select group of Photographers and graphic artists and Royalty Free Video snippets too. We are also launching a membership opportunity where themes, plugins and learning resources will be made exclusively available to our members who subscribe for a small monthly fee. Some plugins will also be available on ‘Developer’ Licensing Model so, if you are thinking of Developing Child Themes and think the addition of one of our developers’ plugins would enhance your offering – we’ll be able to make a licence available to you so that you can make your theme even better!

A great initiative is our new Webinar Meetups to members where you can feel free to discuss your business opportunities, challenges and successes and provide other members with advice, counselling and the best thing of all  – encouragement, all included in the membership subscription of course. The Marketplace Webinars will be available in the members area for those that cannot attend so everyone gets the benefit of the knowledge sharing.

Our new Marketplace system will be better for developers as well in as much as plugins and themes will have the added functionality of being available on an auto update, stricter licensing controls to cut down on people sharing the hard work of the developers  – basically making sure that anyone who installs a theme or plugin from our store actually paid for it – I know, its hard to believe that people share premium stuff for free isn’t it? (!)  🙂 This new marketplace offering protects our customers as well as our developers and allows for much more investment in R&D to get our customers the products that they want and deserve.

So, don’t forget to sign up to our newsletter to make sure you are the first to know of our new site launch – its really not that far away.

Of course, if you have anything that you want us to focus on, please do comment below.





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