Of course you are but, how?

Having a business like Elegant Marketplace and a Facebook group fast approaching 16,000 users we know that learning is high on your agenda. Whether its learning to build a child theme, how to use Divi or how to get customers to your business bashing down your door to give you money – there are always opportunities to learn.

We also know that the great Divi Tutorials that are out there provide a good level of learning opportunities and of course the fantastic level of support that goes on in the many Divi and Elegant Themes Facebook groups has helped the Administrators and members of the groups define both free and paid for learning opportunities – which in turn, has created a growth opportunity for them and, helped others build profitable businesses around Divi – a total WIN WIN!

The CSS for Divi course offered by Divi Space to our own Deep Dive into Divi and now Michelle Nunan’s fully subscribed Child Theme Development course proved that the Divi community were willing to pay for knowledge that would enhance their Learning and Earning opportunity.

It seemed clear to us that there were some things missing from the learning opportunities out there so, we launched Productivity with Laura Hauer and Yoga at your Desk both proving that there was a need for non Divi related courses that helped you as business owners get what you want from your business – whether its better working practices, better relationships with your customers or even getting the right customer for you, we understand there is a need for more…..

To that end, we want to ask you a question which, if you add a comment, we will know exactly what it is that we can focus on and help you achieve your aims and ambitions.

What online course or webinar would you like to see on Elegant Marketplace or in the Divi Community?

Some Examples we are thinking about:

Coaching: Getting back on track or even getting on track?

Learning: Start up Web Site Business?

Collaboration: Interactive Mastermind Webinars covering all aspects of running a virtual business?

SEO: What it is, how it affects your business and how you can benefit from selling SEO as a service.

Anything else…

We know from our experience of running webinars on the Deep Dive into Divi course that 4 webinar sessions were not enough and it developed into a further 4 just to make sure everyone was alright – to be frank, we miss those sessions ourselves so that may well start up again after Divi 3.00 is out and we update the course material.

So, what do you want from an online course that a series of free youtube videos or divi tutorials do not give you?– Why not leave your comments below and if you are interested in being kept informed specifically on this subject –  We’ll make sure you know what is on the horizon in Learning. 🙂


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productivity training course

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