The quick development of AI has been significant for marketers for years now. They recognize that a machine could do a lot more work efficiently and probably even better than they could. This, in turn, creates time for them to build a better customer relationship and handle creative tasks.

AI also found its place in e-commerce. People expect you to be available and present and that’s not always physically possible. However, you can utilize AI to achieve this. Here are some AI tools to make your e-commerce store smarter.

Smart technology

Smart technology is a fairly new thing in the world of technology, but it’s value is amazing. Because the internet isn’t just about a bunch of computers and laptops anymore, gathering data to get useful information is not impossible anymore. Just like Samsung created its first Smart Refrigerator which not only gathers data but provides recipes with available ingredients, you could also implement smart technology in your store.


Have you ever used the chat option available on various websites and ecommerce stores? Chances are, you weren’t chatting with a human but an AI created to answer all of your questions and help with all of your issues. With more and more chatbots available on today’s market, you can get chatbots that make customers feel like they are communicating with a human and not something artificial.

This is useful because it could cut the costs of having a ton of customer support and provide quicker and more useful help to your customers. Just imagine how much faster a bot could respond than an average human. Your bot could be extremely intelligent, friendly and branded.

Customer relationship management

One of the best things about AI is that it could completely obliterate the need for having a CRM. Anyone who has ever dealt with it knows how difficult and time consuming it can be to take all of that data, process it, analyze it and come up with digestible, useful information.

But a well-programed AI could do all of that in much less time and with more accuracy and you could use that data in your e-commerce store.

Management of the inventory

Inventory management becomes much easier as well because shop owners can now rely on an AI to inform them of whether they have everything in stock, what is expiring, what can last for a bit longer, what needs to be replaced and so on. Other than that, it can also help shop owners understand what the future demand will be so they can prepare.

Image classification

Your users – and probably you as well – will often like an image of something but then not be able to find it anywhere to purchase later. AI has come to the rescue in this situation as well, offering information based on the images and similar things. Use this AI in your store as well, to make the shopping experience of your customers much easier.

Marketing and analytics

“The role of AI in marketing and analysis has been one of its most valuable traits. Things like user identification across devices, data enrichment and so on have all been extremely useful to marketers across the globe,” says Tasha Cohen, an e-commerce marketer from WriteMyX.

Predictive pricing

The predictive pricing AI has the ability to change your prices in real time based on its analysis and predictions of both the demand and possibilities of your users.

User Experience

One of the biggest aspects of AI is improving the user experience. Machine intelligence can really improve your overall business results because the user experience is one of the most important things to users nowadays.

Personalized content

“AI can recognize and offer the kind of content your visitors want to read. Not only that but it can also realize which visitor likes what content and provide them with most interesting results,” says Sofia Gonzalez, a marketing strategist from Originwritings. If you are using WooCommerce, they have their own AI plugin to assist with personalizing content called Wootomation.

Make Your Store Better With AI

AI has always seemed like a dream. However, nowadays it’s right here, improving everyone’s lives. Consider some of these AI technologies for your own website!

Adelina Benson
Adelina Benson works as an email marketer and writer with Academic Brits. Her main tasks include developing marketing strategies and best practices for email marketing and writing. In her free time, she likes to help companies be their best in all aspects of business, especially technology.