The more methods you have to win more clients, the better your business will do. This is basic. But how can you win more clients and keep them on long enough to grow your business? That takes a bit more skill.

Luckily, we’re willing to share a few secrets…

Join Groups on Social Media

Everyone is on social media these days and it is a ripe area for making new contacts and sharing your business expertise. By joining groups of people who you think are likely to fit with your target audience, you are actively introducing yourself and your business to the right people, upping your chances of getting a bite. So, if you are a florist, joining groups including wedding planners might be a great place to get started.

Have an Active Social Presence

While we’re on the subject, having an active social presence is always a good idea. This means that you are online and willing to chat to people should they pop up and you are good at responding to posts. This is a good way to show a bit more personality in your business and to respond to any criticism too. The main thing to remember is that you must always be courteous, humble and willing to take all feedback.

Blog to Your Advantage

Blogs are everywhere and pretty much all companies have them now. This is because blogs are the perfect place to give your customers lots of information to build their trust in you. Blogs are also ideal for sharing on social media and it is easy to pop some links in to lead people on to other areas of your website. All you need to do is make sure that you are writing content that your readers will be interested in reading and sharing with their friends.

Form Partnerships with Other Businesses

You might think that you are always in competition with everyone around you but actually, making business friends is one of the best ways to bring each other success. Partnering with other businesses in your industry who do slightly different things to you is a great way to gain access to their clients. So for example, if you are a greengrocer, it would be in your interest to partner up with a butcher and do joint campaigns sending each other customers.

Use Online Ad Campaigns

If you want to get in front of new people, ad campaigns are probably the most cost-effective way to do so. You can use split testing to find the most successful ad and set your budget so that you never overspend. Google ads as well as ads on social platforms – especially Facebook – are great for finding your target audience and figuring out the message they are most receptive to so don’t underestimate how much they can help your business.

Follow Every Lead

Setting up an ad campaign is really easy these days but making sure that you follow every lead? Not so much. Have a set of pre-written emails you can use to follow up every lead without having to think about what to say each time. These emails might lead to a phone call or they could lead your prospective client down the conversion funnel you have set up on your site. Either way – never let a single one drop without finding out why they didn’t purchase.

Email and Stay in Touch

Building an email list is one of the most obvious ways to keep in touch with people who have expressed an interest in your company, but it is also perfect for enticing people back. Regular emails are ideal for keeping your company at the forefront of their mind and for making offers to draw them back. For example, offering a code only people on the mailing list get is a great way to shift excess stock!

Work a PR Angle

Marketing is great but PR is your opportunity to reach people in a slightly different way. As well as sending your good news to PR sites or to newspapers to get yourself a little bit of media attention, you should also be doing things in and around your local community to get some face time with prospective customers. For example, any company could sponsor the local kids’ sports team and provide t-shirts with their logo on. Easy as pie.

The more you do to win more clients, the easier it will become to grow your business. Just keep trying new angles and you will soon figure out what the best method for you is.

We’d love to know how you are growing your business and we are launching a free online ‘meetup’ via zoom – why not sign up to get in on the act 🙂



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