Today, I am all about monetizing your business – it doesn’t matter if you are freelancer, web agency or a client. We all need to make money to survive. We all need to get our act together with copy, design, styling and messaging – we all need to keep on learning in these times of public uncertainty whether we like it or not.

Even before the current global issues, Elegant Marketplace concentrated mostly on education so, here are few things that you can sign up to that are valuable in education terms, valuable in monetizing your offering and won’t cost you the earth but will, if used correctly and consistently ensure your business survival for years to come.

  1. On our blog the other day we highlighted The Content copy Framework – it’s ONLY $27 bucks – and that is astounding value from proven techniques, methodologies and people that have been where you are today – it’s a no brainer purchase – but, make sure you follow it and make the changes that  you need to, to get the best value.
  2. Next is Typography – Piccia Neri is a leading UI expert in the WordPress community – her many talents are exhibited weekly on podcasts like WPBUILDS, Cloudways Mavericks and now as part of her Design For Geeks program, Piccia has developed an awesome course on Typography. We all know typography and layout is so important – but, how do we get to where we need to be- this course will help educate you in best practices and of course will help you be a better designer – novice or expert – this course must not be missed – its great value at just $150 bucks – go get it today.
  3. Grabbing content from any client is an almost impossible job – with Content Snare – it’s a breeze – you set the parameters, you set the rules and clients just have to comply – or the job doesn’t get done – start taking control over your content requirements and make your customers happier than they have ever been. Note the 30% offer is over 🙁
  4. Of course, once you have the content you don’t really want to have an endless stream of email communications with your clients when it comes to amendments or corrections. Enter WPFEEDBACK – it is in my view, the best way to deal with client queries on their websites, support and of course additional commenting down the line. As I also own a UK Agency, I know exactly how much time it saves me and, my productivity has literally tripled since we started using this fantastic addition to the WordPress ecosphere. Its simple, choose your plan and get your productivity and in turn, your profitability exactly where it needs to be.
  5. If you are a designer wanting to get into Theme production but don’t want to get caught up in the technicalities of producing a theme and the installation files then look no further than SitePresser – Literally all you do is make a website, install SitePresser and export to a fully installable plugin that your users can install the full design with any complimentary plugins automatically in their own WordPress site. It is fully compatible with WordPress themes like Astra, Divi and Elementor and will even make an installable site from your WordPress site that is using the Gutenberg Block system. I loved it so much I sold Pagebuilder Cloud and Layouts Cloud to the makers of this phenomenal money making machine so that anyone can make a theme and sell it on any marketplace – even Elegant Marketplace ?

So, there you go, these are my 5 recommendations on how to get better copy together, use typography in the best way, getting content and using WPFEEDBACK to get copy amends and offering support within a care plan or just because you want to. With SitePresser – you can make your own themes and sell then wherever you like too.

Go forth, add these tools to your toolbox, make money and do so much better then survive – THRIVE!

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Andrew Palmer
Andrew is the founder of Elegant Marketplace.