The smart way to gather client content & documents

Content Snare is organized content and document collection without the mind-numbing back and forth emails, messy hacked together systems and confusing shared docs.

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All kinds of businesses use Content Snare to collect client info & documents.

Are you a:

  • Digital agency or web designer that needs website content, marketing assets or onboarding info from your clients
  • Mortgage or asset finance professional who depends on clients sending info and supporting docs for finance applications
  • Event or online summit planner who needs to collect speaker, vendor and sponsor info
  • Legal professional in a document-heavy field and you rely on clients to provide the documents you need
  • Real estate agent who needs documentation from clients or would like to run remote inspections

If you’re in a professional service business, it’s inevitable that at some stage you’ll need to request your clients send you information or documents.

At first, the logical solution seems to be “send them an email”. But that one message quickly turns into email chaos.

Even if you try using shared folders, you’ll get more emails asking where things should go. You’ll send some emails explaining they your client uploaded the wrong thing.

When there are 100+ emails from different people with different subject lines, how are you supposed to work out what’s done, which documents are the latest version and if your client even sent the right things?

It’s confusing for your client as well. They don’t understand what they’re supposed to send and end up frustrated that you haven’t started work yet… even though you’re waiting on them.

That’s where Content Snare comes in.

Content Snare transforms the way you gather content and documents. Turning a tangled mess into a smooth end-to-end process that frees up your time and boosts productivity.

Request any kind of content

Use the drag and drop builder to easily create any kind of content request – whether it’s simple text, images or loads of files.

Put everything into logical groups with a clear hierarchy to make things easy for you and your clients.

content snare

All your content in one place

Content Snare replaces a tangled web of hacked-together systems. Every client document, image or piece of content that you need is easily accessible in one system.

You’ll always have the latest version of every document.

At a glance, you’ll see which clients have items outstanding.

Automatic reminders

The most popular feature of Content Snare will automatically check-in with your clients to make sure they send in everything that you need.

Customize emails and define your own reminder schedules.

Content approvals

Instead of initiating yet another email trail, approve or reject individual items all within the system.

When you request changes, include comments so your client knows exactly what they need to do.

use content snare to get your on boarding just right

Reusable templates

Re-use any request as many times as you like. Once you’ve created a request for a client, you never have to do that work again.

Dead-simple for your clients

Content Snare is designed to make the process easy for your clients. When THEY love using the system, you’ll get your content faster.

Businesses report that their clients are often thrilled with the process, which reflects positively on you.

Reasons you’ll love Content Snare

  • Keep projects on track by removing bottlenecks in the content process
  • Get paid faster by reducing delays
  • Save time normally wasted on back and forth email & working in documents
  • Increase profitability due to time savings
  • Make clients happy with a process that they love to follow

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Don’t forget You can get 30% off your first year with Content Snare until the 11th of June 2020 as an exclusive offer to Elegant Marketplace readers. Just click here and use coupon ELEGANT and start automating your onboarding – it is as simple as that.

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