I became a digital nomad by accident. I left my 9 to 5 job for a position with a remotely based company, and in turn, traded fixed hours for mid-week getaways, and office cubicles for fun, coworking spaces. I travelled often, met new people and for the first time in a long time, felt as though I was working to live, not living to work. I found myself asking – why did I not make this change sooner? The answer: change is scary. Although humans used to be wandering nomads, for centuries we have derived stability from location – so why would we question the status quo? I have put together a list of the 5 top reasons you should question your normal working day and become a digital nomad. And don’t worry, fellow changemaker – you’re in good hands! This guide has been compiled using valuable insights from a nomad who has been in your exact position (an office cubicle I’m guessing…?)


This is by far, one of the biggest draw cards when it comes to working remotely. Being a digital nomad means you have freedom of location and freedom of working hours, allowing you to work when you feel productive, and play when you are not. Enjoy the increased sense of ownership and independence that comes with working flexible hours, remotely – the structure of your day is up to you. If you find yourself sick of staring at the same off-white wall in your office, simply pack up your laptop and take a stroll down to your local coffee shop. Craving inspiration? Secure a spot at a local or (even better) international coworking space and form connections with fellow creatives and innovators. Becoming a digital nomad means becoming a free agent! What you do with that freedom is up to you – which brings me to my next reason….


Being able to travel is one of the defining features of a life as a digital nomad. Travel completes us! We wouldn’t be nomads without it! Thanks to the technology revolution, the nomad has gone digital, and we can now work from almost anywhere in the world. As long as we have a laptop, some WiFi (and some above average coffee), we can send emails, draft reports, and build websites in places we never dreamed. Imagine not having to wait until next year’s holiday, before you can take that adventurous trip you have been fantasizing about. You don’t have to be into extreme, exotic places either – it can simply be about taking that small trip down the coast that you never had time to get round to, but your bucket list wouldn’t be complete without. We are incredibly lucky to live in a generation with access to affordable travel – wouldn’t it be such a shame to let that go to waste?

Mental Health

Now, this may not be one of the most obvious reasons to take up life as a nomad, but it is one of the greatest benefits. By no longer focusing life around getting to work and clocking a 40 hour week, digital nomads are able to regain control over their life and take sight of what is really important. Because digital nomads have the flexibility to control the hours they work and where, they also have the ability to take breaks and days off when they feel they need some extra self-love. Having a bad day, or just stuck on a problem that you can’t seem to get passed? Take a longer lunch, go for a walk or soak up some sunshine for the afternoon. Heck! Even take the day off, and make up for it on the weekend. Mental health is such an important aspect of our lives – it should be at the forefront of our priorities. Why live around work, when you can work around the things that make you feel good?


Often when people get stuck in mundane routines, the time we usually set aside to spend with loved ones slips away. We lose touch with people that we care most about, and instead are stuck caring about things that aren’t actually so important. Think about it – how many times has work come before family and friendships? Even if it is just missing the smaller things in life, they eventually stack up. By having flexibility of hours and location, digital nomads can adjust their schedule to make sure they are present when it matters. This means making time to catch up with friends, taking long weekends away with family or lending a hand when needed. When we do away with the status quo, we get back the time and flexibility we lost when our lives revolved around the office. It’s that simple.


Digital nomads are not social recluses – we need networking to survive. Networking is not only great for business, it helps us grow as people. From connecting with other digital nomads to securing new projects, digital nomads are never working alone for too long. Thanks to the growing number of digi-nomads, coworking spaces are popping up all over the globe to facilitate collaboration and provide excellent platforms for meeting with like-minded people. The global nomad community are redefining what it means to ‘go to work’, and if reaching out to these game changers – whether online or in person – sounds like a bit of you, then maybe it is time to join them.

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Demi Mitchell
Demi is a self-proclaimed digital nomad. She has worked in the legal and HR industries, but currently spends her time creating exciting content and living out of her backpack. Her special interests include matters relating to people, workplace culture, politics and law.