You are a theme or plugin developer

You want to get to earning a (mostly) passive income and you see all these claims that theme and plugin developers are earning fortunes – well – some are – even on our store – some vendors are earning over $100,000 a year – some are earning $50k and others are barely scraping by on less than a $1,000 – it’s the way of things unfortunately – it depends whether you are exclusive to us or even a featured vendor, or even if your product is good enough. We have some excellent products that for some reason don’t sell, and we have – lets face it – some average starter layouts ,and themes that sell like hotcakes – the market is there to be exploited so do some research and then get developing for the market.

But, you’re all about Divi Right?

Is a statement we often hear when at WordPress meetups and WordCamps and of course having Elegant in our name doesn’t really help dissuade developers from that thought – but, at the time of launch it was a choice we made as a business – if we change it now, we lose a massive amount of traffic and frankly, our 16 hour days of SEO’ing and marketing for solely Divi are over! At least we don’t have Divi in our name 😉

So, that is how we started. Now we are openly promoting Elementor and WordPress plugins and themes and,  we are committed to opening up the opportunities through this site.

Envato, frankly, give less, much less in terms of Vendor Service, payouts and much less in choice as they will always promote the bestselling products first – You are in competition with thousands of themes, plugins, services and this and that on Envato, Themeforest and codecanyon so take an opportunity to look at us as your Theme and Plugin Marketplace of choice for your plugins, themes, services and all web related sales items you want to get out to a wider audience.

We pay 60/40 for non exclusive, 70/30 for exclusive

We are now in our 4th year and from a standing start of zero customers, we have grown to over 70,000 registered users. We have done this organically, very little paid advertising and a dedicated support staff that aim to please.

Freemius  – one of our favorite alternatives to Envato,  did two blog posts highlighting how much Envato charge and how successful you can be at theme and plugin sales if you are in the top tier – if you are in the bottom tier – well, you might just as well start your own store – right?

Is Themeforest the right place to sell your theme?

Can you  pay your bills by selling on CodeCanyon

Of course, we as a Divi and WordPress Marketplace do certain things in a similar way to Envato – for instance – we don’t allow vendors access to the customer data – except for support purposes – WHY oh WHY I hear you say? Well, its fairly simple, Data is precious, not just to us but to our users and way before GDPR or CAN SPAM we have always thought the same – sharing personal data is a no no. Our customers trust us with that data, they trust that their inboxes will not be full of spam or upsells from various locations, they trust us to act responsibly with the data and to protect THEIR rights with it – so no, we don’t let Vendors have the customer sales data and we never will.

We set the price if we think it’s either to high or unsustainably low

We’ve been around long enough to know what sells and at what price – we started offering an annual subscription on some products that are regularly updated or need a lot of support due to their complexity and that is OUR choice not our vendors. Of course, we encourage all vendors to add licensing to their products as that helps with updates and support so we know where the user bought the product – this is essential as there are multiple marketplaces with our non exclusive vendors on. We also set the price on Sales – it helps if everyone is on the same page and we are always sensible as far as Offers go. As a vendor there is no limit, no scale, no pro rata on sales – what you sell, you earn on, at the rate you signed up to – its simple and, honestly? Its only fair.

We developed a support system that facilitates this and is unique to us, as it asks the user to provide a licence key or purchase order and on completion, goes straight to the vendor as an email or puts it directly in their support system. This has helped Vendors avoid giving support to a ‘customer’ who has not purchased the product from us or is using a nulled version sold to them by some nefarious theme store who steal other peoples work. (you know who you are, you naughty people!)

As a marketplace, we are a facilitator to WordPress and Web users whomever they may be. If you are a customer you come to our site to look at what we have got on offer (currently over 800 products and launching around 5 a week) and hopefully make a purchase – as a vendor, you know we are the largest of our kind in the Divi Ecosphere – imagine then, as a developer if you put on your other stuff – WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Services – what will we become together? – yup, we will become a true competitor to Envato – do we want to do that? – Damn right we do!

So, Developers, come and apply for a vendor account and help us help you find customers you didn’t even know existed.

We Love Divi, Elementor, and Beaver Builder. We love WordPress and we love awesome customer service – so click here and get your product or service on THE Marketplace today.

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Andrew Palmer
Andrew is the founder of Elegant Marketplace.