It’s a question that often comes up in the various Facebook support groups and it’s a question that only the people that want to white label can answer – but, I will attempt to give a few reasons here.

Firstly, Divi is a theme that can be made to do just about anything -it relies on a page builder to display your design dreams and also lets you do pretty much anything that you want to like, add plugins, have popups for lead capture and remarketing and it enhances your users experience by being mobile ready out of the box.

Here’s the issue – Divi is sold on the back of the phrase – ‘no coding required’ – in the main that is true – however, if you want something more dynamic than the standard page layouts – for instance image swapping, gallery grids that are flexible, CRM integration etc, etc – you will need to be aligned with or at least employ a developer.

Now, web design is a funny thing – are we web designers, developers, programmers, online digital consultants, SEO experts or simply ‘Web Decorators’?

If we are any of the above – we get asked a question often, after the sites we ‘build’ are launched and sometimes just before our proposal is accepted – one of them being ‘Oh, you are using/have used Divi, isn’t that cheating as it doesn’t really need coding – or at least that is what it says on the box!’.

Sharp intake of Breath….

When you Rebrand or White Label Divi with Rebrand DE – you are not going to be asked that question or have to face similar questions from potential or incumbent clients.

Here’s a full list of what REBRAND DE can do.

Rebrand DE allows you to create the ultimate white label solution for your Divi or Extra theme powered website.

  • Rebrand the Divi Builder and all Divi Builder related Settings
    • Recolour the Divi Builder
    • Resize (full screen) the Divi Builder
  • Rebrand the Divi/Extra menu and Divi/Extra Theme Settings
  • Hide the Divi/Extra menu item
  • Hide the Rebrand DE plugin from the plugins lists, or hide the plugins menu entirely
  • Hide Appearance sub menus (themes, customizer and editor) or hide the Appearance menu entirely.
  • Hide the Updates menu item
  • Hide the Rebrand DE menu item
  • Hide the Div/Extra theme from the front end of your website
    • Rebrands any instance of Divi in the source code, including paths to stylesheets and javascript files
    • Rebrands any Divi specific element attributes in the source code, including font and stylesheet element ids (eg <link rel=’stylesheetid=’divi-style-css‘)
  • Settings are not applied to the user who installs/uses the Rebrand DE plugin for the first time.
  • Works with both the Divi and Extra themes

And here’s a video explaining how to get the best out of REBRAND DE.

So, whether you agree or not about white labelling Divi or Extra – the choice is yours and, as its currently on sale at better than 50% off – its a bit of a no brainer isn’t it?. Enjoy.

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