Most business owners have no idea where to start when it comes to putting content together – myself included!  Many of you know that I own a pizza shop and although I know how to put Web sites together in my sleep, my pizzeria Web site has been idle and under construction for months now because I can’t get my content together … and this is my personal business!

Lina Trivedi has created an arsenal of content related software and she is going to show me how to produce content for any Web site in an hour.  I really can’t wait to see this because I am thinking if one hour resolves over a year of procrastination in getting this pizzeria site up, well that is just silly.

I am really excited to solve my content issues once and for all and I can’t wait for you to see it too … I am really excited to get this going and even more excited to share this innovative tool with you.

Join us on Tuesday, May 16th at 11am EST to watch how this technology works and see how Lina is going to run my needs through this software to produce quality Web content for my pizza site – you do not want to miss this!  Register for the software demo bu clicking here:

See you there!

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Andrew Palmer
Andrew is the founder of Elegant Marketplace.