As we all know (mostly), Unsplash is a great resource for FREE photographs and imagery.

Whether we want to build a demo website to show off to our customers or simply find an image that has its own unique look and feel – Unsplash is one of our go to photo sites.

Why are we mentioning this?

Simply put, Unsplash are in the middle of a Kickstarter campaign to publish a 250pp hardback book full of design tips and tricks, images to die for and of course commentary from some awesome designers, copywriters and photographers.

We’ve backed it as we want to support the cause as without sites like this startups and new developers would have to spend a fortune on imagery and keep up to date with licensing, worry about crediting the author and all sorts of hoops to jump through. Innovative and altruistic sites like Unsplash help us do the things we want to do, for less.

The Kickstarter campaign is an exciting project and if you have a few dollars to spare – why not support this fantastic resource and get yourself one of the books?

We are wholeheartedly behind this campaign and wish Unsplash all the success in the world!

Here’s a snippet from the Kickstarter campaign:

Timeline & Shipping: 

In March of this year we wrote the words Unsplash Book on the whiteboard in our office, and since then this project has slowly morphed into something bigger than we could imagine.

We’ve collected 99% of the writing, illustrations, and photographs that will be featured in the book, and are more than halfway through the design process.

After getting quotes from printers in USA, Europe, and China, we are now in talks with a local, environmentally friendly printer and will update the page with more information as we get it.

With the busy holiday season upon us, we are aiming to print the book in the new year and have orders shipped by March 2016.

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