We use FatJoe to create on-point content marketing that is factual, unique and their plans start from just £15 for a 500-word unique post. Over the past few months, we have used them to create oodles of content for our ever demanding blog audiences. Having gained a reputation of great content, we needed to up our game, save on time, money and effort. FatJoe along with our content marketing team is producing regular blog posts that inform, educate and entertain. Allied with our own content marketing team made up of freelancers, myself and of course, the de facto Divi Theme writer, Randy A Brown we decided to help them promote their business as they do ours.

As a content marketer, it’s important to regularly put out informative, factual and unique content for demanding blog audiences. You don’t get by with just standard and boring content anymore–it needs to be unique and it needs to carry the personality of the blogger in order to attract a wider audience in addition to keeping current readers happy.

This requires a partnership with a reliable content creator, and that’s why we turned to FatJoe. But with hundreds of similar services out there, what makes FatJoe the go-to choice for us? Here are our personal top 5 reasons.

  1. FatJoe is 100% White Label

One of the biggest concerns in SEO and content marketing is original content. The worst thing you can do is copy another website’s content because it opens you up to blacklisting by Google and you might even be sued for copying another website’s content. White label content is completely original, factual when required and it’s successful at carrying the voice of your website instead of being a dull, generic and lifeless post.

  1. FatJoe Has Fast Turnarounds

FatJoe works quickly and efficiently thanks to their processes. There’s never a compromise in quality and it’s surprising how quickly the team can pump out original content time after time. It all passes Copyscape, there are no duplicate pieces of content and it just takes a few days to receive a completely unique and interesting article based on the requirements that you can set.

  1. FatJoe Has Human Customer Service

Unlike a lot of SEO services and content creation services, FatJoe is obsessed with customer service. The majority of email inquiries are handled in just an hour, and you always have access to telephone chats if you need to get through to them quickly. There’s no routing your call to an outsourced provider and you’re always guaranteed to speak to a human.

  1. FatJoe Meets Unique Requirements

No matter how unique or demanding your requirements are, FatJoe are understanding and will carry out all the necessary research and precautions to ensure that the content meets your standards. This is perhaps one of the most surprising things about FatJoe because no matter how niche or difficult a subject is, they’ll manage to create something that feels like it came from a veteran of the industry. Their attention to detail is spot-on, and anything can be modified so that the content is just as you want it.

  1. FatJoe is Simple to Use

The dashboard is what sets FatJoe apart from many other content creation services. You’ll get full reports on link building services, you’ll get plenty of metrics to view and ordering a piece of content is as simple as filling in a couple of boxes. You can be as vague or as detailed as you like and they’ll always deliver something that meets your standards. If there’s ever a problem, you can simply contact support and they’ll remedy the issue as quickly as possible. Pricing is also very simple to understand which is always a bonus AND it is really competitive! 

If you have been using content writers that charge in the hundreds or even thousands around your topic and tone of voice, give FatJoe a try at just £15.00 for a starter blog post, it’s a risk well worth taking. I highly recommend FatJoe and yes, as their link building, blog writing and infographics speak so much louder than a lone voice.



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Andrew Palmer
Andrew is the founder of Elegant Marketplace.