Looking around the page builder community – Elementor, Divi, Oxygen et al. I see a lot of sneak peeks and teasers – Its always helpful to know what is coming but these ‘announcements’ are also very distracting and, in some cases, – can lead designers and developers into an abyss of ‘What the heck do I do now, wait for the update or use a plugin or layout that I know will work NOW!?

Simply put, these ‘sneak peek’ announcements are no more than marketing techniques to keep the community of page builder users informed and excited and engaged  – you knew that, right?

Its great that the page builders’ want to include community desired and developed plugins, modules, drag and drop this and drag and drop that in their core product but, in the end, the community ends up getting confused and sits bewildered at their computers wondering what on earth they can do to keep their workflow consistent. Comments like this are not uncommon on popular page builder sites.

With so many updates, so many additional things that are ‘teased’ with no launch date announced, the developer & user community around these page builders are faced with never-ending weekly and it would seem almost daily updates, new features in core that ‘say’ they will do this and that and the pain in the rear of having to control their clients’ desire to have the latest and greatest functionality – even if they don’t need or know what a CPT is ????

At Elegant Marketplace & Layouts Cloud, we strive to offer the very best in ADD ONs, be they child themes, plugins, modules or layouts – the page builder community it would seem, love what we do as our over 50,000 registered users can attest.

Even if these page builders integrate everything we do in their own offerings, we see a bright future for ourselves, our customers and friends in the community. So, rather than waiting around for that Sneak Peek to actually appear – why not take advantage of all that is on offer at Elegant Marketplace and other stores and marketplaces that serve the community right now, and support the people that make what you want, when you want it?

Feel free to leave your thoughts and comments so we know how you feel too 🙂 Are you tired of Sneaking a Peek and waiting for things to appear or are you excited to learn all about the page builders’ plans, even if there is no date announced and they leave you in some kind of LImbo land?

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Andrew Palmer
Andrew is the founder of Elegant Marketplace.