We redesigned our website from the ground up!

We never seem to stop publishing new products from our vendors so its best to either sign up to our newsletter (we only send one a week, we’re sure your inbox can handle that right?)  All the latest products are always displayed first on our homepage and with the new site design and development now live, the search facility is even better – give it a go and look for color, styles, and genres’ and tell us how you get on. You may have also noticed across our property’s, the Phrase – ‘IT’S ABOUT TIME’ – we save you time, it’s that simple 🙂 


We just launched

MY DIVI CLOUD for DIVI DEVELOPERS and LAYOUTS CLOUD for ELEMENTOR which included MY CLOUD FOR ELEMENTOR as well – it’s about time, right? We are pretty excited about these developments and are pleased to say that sign-ups are great already! So, join in if you like.



We bought a plugin

but, we had the inside track as it was developed by my Nephew and he has trusted us with the new development. He is unfortunately not his old programming self due to the onset of multiple sclerosis – so, we  revamped Comment Luv which is a great plugin to generate quality links by your users and encourage commenting – it was getting a bit tired and it lacked an update or two but Sean and I worked hard in getting it WordPress 5 ready so, go download the free version and listen out for updates on the Pro Version.

At one time, Comment Luv had over 900,000 users until it got deprecated – we are hoping to get those numbers back up now its been modernised and is WP 5 ready – give it a try, it will make your blog fly!


We bought a company!

Yup! We bought Prismatic Themes and along with it came The SANE THEME for Elementor. We updated it to work even faster and added a few things to make it our own. There is a free version and Pro Version to choose from so go try it out why dontcha!

That’s our news, what have you been up to?

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Andrew Palmer
Andrew is the founder of Elegant Marketplace.