Layouts Manager has been going three months now and honestly, we thought it was a great idea – but, what we didn’t realise was that the Elementor community are pretty much used to free AND there are some fantastic offerings out there that offer a similar service to us for … you guessed it – FREE!

So, I have had a strong word with myself and I promise to do my research better before I invest thousands of $$$$ in an idea I ‘think’ will work.

Anyway, notwithstanding the lack of research and uptake to our paid plans, I still think it’s a good idea (Stubborn huh?)

So, anyone that has signed up to our paid agency or freelancer plans will be getting a full refund AND… The Cloud Only offering of $35.00 a year now has all the current layouts of free, freelancer and agency so, that is a good thing right?

Now for the not so good news. ☹

Because we are stopping the Freelancer and Agency plans, we will no longer be producing up to 20 layouts a month – (aww shucks man!!!) – However, we will still be producing at least one layout a month for the free plugin and for The Cloud only plugin – see, not so bad, is it?

This also allows our team to concentrate on Comment Luv, Elegant Marketplace, Layouts Cloud for Divi and the Sane Theme for Elementor.

So, if you want to add the power of Cloud storage to your Elementor projects and get over 80 layouts to choose from – head on over to and sign up – the plugin is free, storage is just $35.00 a year.

Thousands of Divi Users have taken advantage of Divi Cloud – so, why not see what Elementor Cloud can offer you as a designer or developer using Elementor?

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Andrew Palmer
Andrew is the founder of Elegant Marketplace.