So, how do you create a non shrinking transparent menu in Divi?

I produced this video as I kept seeing this question as the new customiser in Divi can occasionally be difficult to navigate – and…we all have trouble reading the manual don’t we….Divi has this sometimes annoying thing that makes the logo shrink when the user scrolls – this is probably done for a good user experience so in most cases its good – we don’t want our content overtaken by our logo do we?

Without further ado, I recommend you click play and learn how I make the logo and the text in the menu stay the same size – of course, this does not apply to mobile rendering.

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Andrew Palmer
Andrew is an SEO & online marketing professional based in the UK. He can be found at and is excited to be a founding member of Elegant Marketplace. He answers only to his 13 year old daughter, so, if he isn’t working on a website somewhere, he is with her.