I don’t just own and run Elegant Marketplace, Layouts Cloud and Elegant Learning – I also have a Digital Solutions business in the UK – Here’s what I think about Divi and how it has helped me become a go to resource for my global connections.

You don’t need to be a coding genius to make money from web and graphic design. With the right tricks and tools, it’s easy to satisfy your clients. Whatever they ask for, you can deliver. There are lots of things I use to make my work easier, but the one that I couldn’t go without is the Divi theme. This WordPress theme and visual page builder makes creating custom websites easier than ever. I love how responsive it is and how easy it is to customize everything, and it’s helping me live the dream of making money from web and graphic design. Here’s how the Divi theme makes everything simple for me.

Instant, Responsive Design and Editing

Website design doesn’t have to mean being blinded by code. With a visual page builder like the one you get with the Divi theme, everything is so much more intuitive. You can simply move things around, and everything is edited in real-time. Responsive editing gives me live previews, so I don’t have to keep clicking a “preview” button or continually publish the site to see what it looks like live. Everything is easy to organize, and you can quickly add a new row or different elements without everything else getting messed up.

Completely Customizable

Some WordPress themes might seem a bit limiting, but Divi has so many customizable options. There are tons of child themes that anyone can download from Elegant Marketplace. Many of them are designed for certain business types, so you can quickly choose the most appropriate one for  your clients. But you can also customize individual elements, so I can make sure that no website comes out looking exactly the same. Every element is completely customizable, and I can even add custom CSS if I ever need to.

Super Fast

There’s nothing worse than a slow website page builder. If everything is taking too long to respond, I just get frustrated. It means my clients will have to wait longer for their work too. Fortunately, the Divi theme from Elegant Themes is extremely fast. I don’t have to wait around for the page builder to react to my actions. I don’t have to refresh pages all the time, and there’s almost no loading required before I can start using the page builder. And once I’ve put a website together, it won’t take long to load.

Nearly 50 Content Elements

The Divi theme has so many content elements that I can mix and match in lots of different combinations and, with recent updates, Divi is truly a page builder to that you can rely on.

The new layouts Manager also allows me to build quickly when a client is on a tight budget ( who knows any clients that are not on a tight budget). Its an innovation that was in many page builders before Divi but the way Elegant Themes allow for any commercial use of images as well as layouts is a game changer. Even my own website is built using a Divi Layout from the layout manager – and although I have a choice of 800 or so from Layouts Cloud – I decided to use one from Elegant Themes  themselves to showcase to my clients what is achievable in just a few hours input using JUST the Divi Framework.

I can deliver anything my clients want with this wide selection of elements to use. The elements range from galleries and audio players to video, pricing tables, email opt-in, and much more. Having all of these essential elements allows me to ensure my clients always get what they need from their website.

The Divi WordPress theme makes it possible for me to live the dream and earn a very good living from website services. It’s easy to use and gives me so many options that I don’t need anything else.

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Andrew Palmer
Andrew is the founder of Elegant Marketplace.