There are plenty of tutorials out there that help you install WordPress and Divi along with a child theme. However, I thought I would do a deeper dive into helping you do all that and a bit more.

In all the Facebook groups we see “how do I…” on all the above and then on Migration to a live server. In this tutorial, I demonstrate each and every step using a control panel which most users will have seen.

We also:

  • import Json files through the portability option
  • access the divi library to load pages
  • set up a menu
  • make sure that we exclude the development site from the search engines as well
  • ensure that your home page is set up as your static front page

This may seem basic to experienced users but, as we all know Divi and WordPress are actively sold so that inexperienced users can take advantage of all that they offer. This is an aide memoir for the more experienced user too.

For Migration, I use All In One Migration which is available in the WordPress repository via your WordPress Dashboard.

All in all, its an easy to reference tutorial and hope that is useful to everyone.


Featured Image Photo Credit: Nicola Jones

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Andrew Palmer
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