I was intrigued the other day when Terry Hale the developer of Image Intense – a phenomenally powerful plugin for manipulating the image module in the Divi Theme, was interviewed by Nathan B. Weller for Elegant Themes Divination podcast.

Terry spoke about how his journey as a developer had benefited him in so many ways and how he now has an opportunity to  focus on PASSIVE income rather than RECURRING Income (36.24 in the video and podcast) Basically he explains how you can do one thing once and get paid JUST for that one thing – or you can build a product that continues to give you a PASSIVE income – the market is always there and it is always growing.

Why did this impact me?  Well, at the time of seeing and hearing this interview, myself and another Divi community member were in the middle of a build for our Client Tony Neumeyer. Tony is a multi millionaire entrepreneur who has a  course launching soon on this very subject. It involved us rebuilding his site tonyneumeyer.com in Divi, Setting up his courses and Passive Income series on Kajabi and, setting up webinar jam for his webinar launching on Tuesday 31st of January.

What Terry said is exactly what Tony is teaching people to do. Set your business model up, let it go and earn a Passive Income rather than concentrate on a business that you think will give you a recurring income which in reality means, you will have to do recurring work! Its a subtle difference but when its explained in the way both Tony and Terry explain it – its a no brainer.

We know ourselves, as do many in the Divi Community that learning, creating child themes and plugins and being there for your customers needs is a great way to create a Passive income – of course – even with creating a passive income stream there may be things that you have to do to keep it fresh, relevant and engaging. But, we have learned that our evergreen courses are working out well – very little work in maintaining them and its always great to do little updates here and there and the occasional webinar too – its refreshing for you and your students.

Why not take an opportunity to see what Tony has to say about creating a Passive Income?  Just sign up for his webinar to see the difference for yourself and maybe even get you and your business on the right road too?

You can join the webinar by clicking the image below or here.


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