There is always a lot of talk about video helping your site get good SERPS (Search Engine Results). Most people love video. Youtube has billions of hits a day – the viral impact of video cannot and never should be underestimated and as a website owner – video should be on your to do list.

You can have explainer videos, tutorials on how to do this or that and of course, you can have an enticing ‘teaser’ video announcement, like we did right here on Elegant Marketplace.

You can also use video to earn yourself an income, much like Zoe Sugg a Vlogger based in the United Kingdom who has just bought herself a new pad for just over £1,000,000 ($1,503,699) from her antics as a Youtube contributor. In the early days, she monetized Youtube by having the good sense to show adverts over her Vlogs. Now, she earns from PA’s, endorsements and a whole lot of other stuff.

So, how is someone like Zoe relevant to the WordPress Community?

Effectively we are all  here to learn, make websites that are functional, mobile ready (Google loves a mobile ready website) and profitable – even if it is a blog that you write for totally altruistic reasons because you want to help people around a certain situation, you can add video and when you add video, you add value.

There are some excellent resources out there that can help you make a video – simply search video makers, go on fiverr and ask someone to make one for you for a starter explainer and when you are ready, get a professional to do something like this for you. Of course, it is our aim here on Elegant Marketplace to help you find the right solution and that may well be one of our selected solution providers in the not too distant future.

So go on, add video to your website and make sure you upload it to Youtube to get maximum value for you, your audience and your website.

Andrew Palmer
Andrew is an SEO & online marketing professional based in the UK. He can be found at and is excited to be a founding member of Elegant Marketplace. He answers only to his 13 year old daughter, so, if he isn’t working on a website somewhere, he is with her.