TikTok originated in China under the name of Douyin during 2016. Essentially this platform is similar to Instagram, allowing users to upload videos that last up to 15 or 60 seconds, together with hashtags. 

Due to exceptional traffic reflected by 1.6 billion app downloads that is growing daily, and more than 5 million monthly users, the potential for its business use is astronomical. If you want to grow your business internationally, this is the new platform to recognize that growth. 

How businesses can use TikTok

Advertising and marketing efforts have burgeoned on TikTok, despite the primary age demographic being from 16 to 24 years. Live video streaming, content creation, IGTV, and consumer and business stories have driven efforts toward extensive brand growth through engagement. Influencers, actors, actresses, movie and T.V. stars and politicians have taken to the platform to share their views. 

Consumers love the engagement potential offered on TikTok in terms of entertainment and product sharing. But how exactly can businesses harness the power of this platform for growth?

Content creation

TikTok users have come to know and love the 15 or 60-second video uploads of normal people doing crazy things. Basically, the micro-moments reflected clearly reflect the personalities of users because they are often being their authentic selves; natural is best. Personality shines through, and although not everyone will hit this sweet spot, their entertainment efforts are enjoyed by followers.

Large and small businesses are advised to plan their content carefully, capturing natural moments of employees or customers in between professional video clips. Consumers or followers respond well to a business or personal brand that doesn’t need to rely on airs and graces. A relaxed approach builds connections, through which trust is developed.

Seth Rogers is a marketing and business finance writer at an Australian essay service that provides assignment help for thesis, dissertation and essay writing to students. In his opinion, companies are also encouraged to focus on the platform’s all-time favorites. Videos tend to go viral when people’s pets or their children are included. Businesses can hone in on this trend to market their own products and services. 

Focus on people, children and pets in their natural environments, or create a business mascot if you don’t yet have one. Interactions featuring these elements, along with hilarious employee/management challenges are more likely to hit the mark.

TikTok users love a challenge

Because of the youthful demographic of this social media channel, the users enjoy having fun. Fun can be in the form of kid’s movies, anime, or challenges. Small and large businesses can easily post their own hilarious challenges that get their followers laughing. 

Whether it’s a group employee visit to the zoo, silly office antics, or amateur corporate dress-up—the idea is to post short videos that get your audience laughing.

How do businesses harness the power of TikTok to create greater visibility for themselves? Similar to some other platforms like YouTube, businesses can pay for advertising space directly from the app. Takeover brand adverts will open up in the user’s account before any other content becomes available. 

Various ad categories are available, and brands can link their paid adverts directly with their own landing pages. These brand takeover adverts are exclusive because space is premium, meaning that one advert per category per day can be shown.

Next, there is what is known as the native adverts. Brief 9 to 15-second adverts will pop up between other content posted by typical users. Native adverts include icons that allow users to watch or skip over these adverts to continue watching their selected content.

Jenny Sinclair is a digital marketing expert at Custom essay service. She needed to promote the EduBirdie review and for that, she took up something very innovative – hashtag challenge. She throws light on how it works. Hashtag challenges are sponsored by businesses to build brands. These challenges are easily a huge favorite on the site as users are always keen to have fun.

Businesses can also use the hashtag challenge as an opportunity to engage their audiences. Post a challenge on the Discover page, which millions of users see, and encourage them to join in whatever fun activity you choose. 

Custom banners on the Discover page further increase brand personality and visibility when selecting a sponsored hashtag challenge. If users are intrigued by your business offering, they will quickly select your banner to view your videos. 

Marketing and advertising teams can use this advantage to showcase the challenge, provide explainer videos for what is required, and demonstrate their own examples of what they’re looking for. Brand advertising has become far more fun on this site than ever before.

Branded lenses are just one more way that businesses can engage their audiences on TikTok. Branded lenses show up in the trending part, enabling user interaction during the filming process. An array of 2D and 3D filters are available to add to the video, which are used to increase the personal touch of the end-product. Select a brand-appropriate lens, upload the video, and it will be viewable for 10 full days.

Influencer product marketing

Influencers are another trendy way for businesses to market their products. Businesses who have used YouTube influencer marketing will appreciate the similarities on TikTok. Allow influencers to promote your products to their followers in a way that suits them because they are already familiar with what appeals to their audiences.

Influencers will mostly use the brand’s products, take a video, and upload it to their channel. Influencers have developed a certain level of celebrity status, gaining large followings that trust their product choices. 

Sitting down for a meal at a restaurant to advertise a fast-food chain, relaxing in the sun with branded clothing and accessories, or vacationing in trendy spots all appeal to the young demographic found on TikTok.

Marketing teams need to choose their influencers wisely. Promotion of products outside their normal interest frameworks can come across as inauthentic. The power of the advertisement will be lost on the audience, who value familiarity. Familiarity with influencer styles has taken a lot of time and effort to build, so it is essential that the right person is selected to advertise your products. 

Using someone who would typically purchase your brand requires the development of goals in alignment with company strategies, as is choosing the specific demographic at the appropriate status in the sales funnel. 

Misinterpret these elements, and your branding may be off-kilter. Always keep the audience in mind on TikTok. They are young, and they’re looking for an immersive experience suited to their lifestyles, so flashy professional videos are not going to work. Keep it natural for favorable outcomes.

Join the TikTok trend

More adults are beginning to get in on the fun of TikTok, so marketing and advertising opportunities are rising for brand building. It’s easy, fun and fast, so don’t wait any longer to get in on the fun. Include hashtags or find the type of content you want to present on your personal channel to develop that experiential community feeling.

Become familiar with this channel where the entertainment never ends. Open a channel, and get ready to start filming the next big idea. Then click the Discover section to locate the magnifying glass. 

This is where you’ll be able to find what videos the TikTok audiences enjoy the most and get an idea of what appeals to the crowds. You should also note what hashtags are associated with the top videos. This exploration will hopefully inspire you to generate a winning video.

Are you ready to get started with your first branding video?

At the bottom of the app is a black+ button, which you use to activate your phone’s camera. Grant TikTok the necessary permissions to your phone so that you can get started with producing your first branding video. 

The recording page then pops up with a red circle. Choose either the micro 15-second feature or the longer 60-second option to record your video. It’s as easy as that. 

Users can then select song or music effects using the sounds feature toward the top of the screen, click the red button and wait for loading, and revert to the recording screen. 

Select from a variety of filters, effects and features to enhance your video quality, upload, and choose the red circle that has the white checkmark, add hashtags, links and other options, save and post. Then share the content with other platforms. 


TikTok is the new medium for successful business branding. It is really cost-effective, and it is effective for brand personality development. You can quickly grow a large following by using the guidelines provided here. Stay on point by delivering fun content that engages your audience for the best results.

Tobias Foster
Tobias Foster is a journalist and editor with more than 5 years’ work experience at college paper writing service and paper writing websites, with very big ambitions. Philosophy, marketing, and business are his passion, and he has a wealth of knowledge in that field. He is a master of his craft.