I have offered print, design and web related products and services for over 30 years. I know, I am THAT old! And, even though I run EMP, Layouts Cloud and Layouts Manager – I still offer these services along with coaching and consultancy services via Somebody’s Hero – because I Love it!

I have had phenomenal opportunities and met, entertained and educated thousands of business people in that time and helped them do anything from design, build and install 50 square meter exhibition stands with multimedia displays. Designed, wrote the acquisition software, printed and distributed over 8 million CD ROMs for TALK TALK the UK’s 4th largest Broad Band provider in the UK. And I supplied NTL – Now Virgin Media, with every single printed item they had for over 6 years. But still, I continue to serve small businesses like florists, plumbers, restaurants and fast fashion.

The reason I mention the above is not to tell you how great I am or how much business I have done,  it is because I know, that whatever stage your business is at, you can be anything you want to be as far as being a service provider.

I read so often of Freelancers & Agencies suffering from imposter syndrome, feeling overwhelmed, finding it hard to cope with larger volumes of work or dealing with a ‘BIG’ name. You can transform your business into what YOU want it to be. That is why I am attending and sponsoring a panel at the Agency Transformation Live right here in the UK.

I believe that any business can transform themselves into a bigger, better business whether dealing with individual entrepreneurs, startups, not for profits or the Forbes 500. The business, service and deliverables are the same. Give great service, get great customers who will trust you and work with you in the long term – on your terms. You can see from the graphic who has signed up to this event to speak, advise, take part in panels and get their vision out there for you to absorb, get great takeaways and of course network to your heart’s content.

Come and meet all of us at Agency Transformation Live – I know I will learn a tonne of stuff and so will you! It’s a small investment in your business that I am certain will pay dividends immediately.

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Andrew Palmer
Andrew is the founder of Elegant Marketplace.