Create a high-quality channel that pays off with guest outreach. Encourage writers outside of your blog to produce content for it. Blogging is an extremely popular niche today. Pretty much anyone can start a blog now. With dedication, patience, hard work, and a bit of luck, one can turn it into a stable source of income.

Although blogging can be a pretty profitable business, by no means is it simple or effortless. Creating a truly high-quality channel that pays off efforts, one must work hard to produce relevant and valuable content. And the larger the audience grows, the more time and work it takes to maintain it.

If you are a blogger, you probably already know about the trick called outreach guest posting. Many large channels use it to ensure a constant flow of content with minimum effort. The core idea behind this concept is to encourage people outside your blog to produce content for it.

Top Steps to Launch Guest Posting and Get the Most of It

Guest posting can be extremely beneficial for all sides. Guest authors who submit publications get an opportunity to tap into existing, large audiences and promote their own brand. Meanwhile, a blog that accepts guest publications gets a batch of fresh content to keep its readers engaged.

However, from the blog’s side, the benefits can only be significant if the provided content is of the top quality. How to launch outreach guest posting and get top-quality submissions? Here are our seven steps to follow:

Know Your Audience

Before you can engage in accepting guest publications, you first need to get to know your audience better. What do your readers like and what they don’t like? What type of content would they want to see in your blog? What is currently missing or can be improved? Answering these questions will help you create the right strategy.

Thus, the first step is to analyze your audience and define what it craves for. You can either do it yourself, with the help of various analyzing tools or by asking your readers directly. It is a must-do step to ensure that you will get top-notch content that will help your blog grow further.

Hire a Professional Editor

One of the first steps to take is to ensure you have an expert editor at hand. When you launch outreach guest posting, you will have to read through tons of submissions. 

Someone will have to do the job – look through offered articles, analyze and assess their quality, define which are good enough to be posted, and polish them when necessary. You can entrust this to specialized services like, do it yourself, or hire an editor. No matter what option you choose, you need someone who knows this job well to ensure the excellent quality of content.

Determine a Range of Relevant Topics

Every blog has a certain idea behind it. Whether it is technology, art, education, or anything else – your goal is to ensure that submitted guest publications always go in line with your overall theme. You have to provide a list of suitable ideas for all potential authors to see.

Tip: If your blog’s main theme is too narrow, think of broader topics that relate to it. For example, if you are mostly writing about Apple, its news, and devices, the broader topics may be anything related to technology and innovation.

Set Clear Instructions

To get high-quality content that meets your needs and objectives, you have to share your requirements first. Think of the following things when shaping your instructions:

  • Preferred word count;
  • Number of external and internal links authors are allowed to include;
  • Whether you allow in-text promotion of services/brands/products;
  • Desired uniqueness score;
  • Images;
  • Style and format, etc.

Simply put, decide on how you want the guest publications to look. Then, create a clear and comprehensive list of requirements to share with potential authors.

Provide Guest Examples

Of course, if a person wants to submit an article, you assume he or she will take some time to discover your resource. Although it seems obvious, it will never hurt to once more encourage authors to get familiar with your past publications.

In the requirements section, be sure to include a few compelling examples. This will give writers a better idea of your preferred style, tone of voice, and what you are looking for.

Turn Down Some Guest Submissions

Probably the hardest part of outreach guest posting is the need to turn down some ideas. In a certain way, it is similar to firing people. It never feels good to disappoint someone. Yet, although it may not feel good, there is no way to avoid this. The earlier you will come to terms with it, the better!

Measure Outcomes of Guest Posts

The last tip for your success is to always measure the results. Remember that your work doesn’t stop at the point when you make a publication. To ensure that it is bringing benefits, you have to keep an eye on readers’ engagement constantly.

Measuring the success of each guest post will help you figure out what works for your audience and what doesn’t. This way, you will be able to find the areas for improvement, adjust your requirements to submissions, and get even better results in the future! After all, you don’t want any content, you want the one that converts!

Guest Outreach Establishes Flow

The biggest goal of outreach guest posting is to establish a steady flow of new publications in your platform and, thus, take some of your load off. However, that’s not the only objective.

Simply stuffing your resource with a plethora of posts will not get you far. However, if you can get high-quality content that relates to your readers and helps you grow the audience, that’s the way to go!

The simple steps and tips from this article should help you build a solid strategy for guest posting and get the most benefits. Follow these recommendations to ensure that your blog will never run out fresh, engaging content and will thrive in the long run!

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