Something I have wanted to do for a long time but just did not have the opportunity is:

Freelancer Services

The WordPress and Creative Community is full of great people wanting to do great work but never having an opportunity to get out to the wider world due to

  • Not having the resources (money, servers, payment gateways, storage etc, etc.)
  • Not having the platform (here)
  • Not being able to find fair paying customers (we all know that one, right?)
  • Balancing Family with Work

So, here we are, a marketplace that has an enormous reach, a loyal and repeating customer base and outstanding vendors.

In the coming weeks, we will be offering all our vendors an opportunity to sell their services. This is not just about web site, servers, migrating or anything like that – its about joining together the best of the best, to the best customers there are – ones that are willing to pay for something that they need and find it difficult to trust anyone with server details, mailing lists, google apps etc. (We will be accepting Freelancer Applications soon after launch too)

So, the type of services on offer are:

Illustrations, Logos, Branding, Photo Retouching, Setting up Google Apps, App Development and of course general web related things like Migrations, Database amendments, WordPress site conversions and everything that is associated with that.

The Vendors will have an extra addition to their dashboard to add their services and customers will be able to check on progress and download or link to the work performed when they are advised the project has been completed – all within the My Account Section of Elegant Marketplace.

This is not a race to the bottom folks, it is a premium service offered by experts in their field and Elegant Marketplace will be the conduit between vendor and customer exactly as we are now – its my desire to truly build on the community of WordPress – and make it a better place to do business with people that are serious about getting the job done right. “Mighty Oaks from Acorns grow”.

You must be a registered user on our site to apply to become a vendor – click here to register and then here to apply for Vendor status.


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Andrew Palmer
Andrew is the founder of Elegant Marketplace.