Give your Divi gallery a masonry look!

With FLEX-GALLERY plugin you can give easily the images of any divi gallery a masonry look!

A beautiful responsive masonry gallery. You can set titles and captions, overlay, shadow, filters, text font and colors, borders and animations.

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  1. Oliver Osswald

    The Flex Gallery available by Jan 24th 2019 is not compatible with current DIVI theme ver. 3.19.8. I purchased Flex Gallery because it appears under the ‘Divi and WordPress plugins’ category.

    Images will randomly disappear and it becomes highly unresponsive. Everything seems to slow down.

    I contacted support in order to informa about the issue, but received only this answer from Mahesh Pandey (Lead Support and Developer):

    “All our vendors deal with support issues so please visit the Elegant Marketplace product page where you purchased your item and read the top text. If your support query is a payment or licensing issue, We will deal with that directly. All other support queries are dealt with by the vendors.”

    So basically elegantmarketplace sells plugins which do not work as advertised and then they send you to the next door.


    • Andrew Palmer

      It is clear as a market place that we sell plugins, themes and layouts from a variety of vendors. The vendors must offer support as part of their agreement with us and it is highlighted that all support is from the vendors. I do not know of a marketplace that offers product support in our genre. I pride myself on the level of support we give to our customers in relation to payment issues and issues with products. However, it would be impossible for us to offer the level of support that you require in as much as it is product support – we have over 700 products on our site and for us to support each product to the level you require is impossible. That is why we state very clearly that Vendors support their own products on the actual product page, in the order confirmation email and in our terms and conditions. The answer Mahesh gave you is in line with these notifications. Please go to the product page and fill in the support form and the vendor will be more than happy to help you. If a solution cannot be supplied, I am always happy to refund. However, if you use the plugin in the classic builder, I feel it will work for you as it should. We are encouraging all vendors to make their products completely compatible with the new divi builder experience.

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At this version we add support for visual builder.

Checkout the documentation first and if you still need help open a support ticket.

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