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Animated Text Effects for the Divi Builder

Bring some action to your Divi page with our Fancy Text module. It’s super easy to use and will increase the value of your site by magnitudes!

What is Fancy Text for Divi and Extra?

Divi Sensei Fancy Text is a plugin which adds a new module to the Divi Builder – the DS Fancy Text module. With this brand new module it is easier than ever before to create engaging, retention and conversion increasing text effects.

It is super simple to use. Simply choose the prefix, suffix and the text together with the text animation type and you are ready to go. But it does not stop here. You can add as many different words or sentences for the text as you desire and the module will automatically loop through the texts.

What module settings can I expect?

Besides the fixed prefix and suffix as well as the texts – which are created similarly to Accordion or Bar Chart items right in the module – you can choose between more than 35 different animation styles. You can also configure the time between the text changes and what kind of HTML element to use (heading 1 to heading 6 or paragraph).

Besides that, you get all the different module settings you would expect from a Divi module – like module background, text settings for every component of the module, border and shadow settings and of course custom CSS fields for every occasion, just in case you want to get really creative.

Check out the demo page to get an idea of how you can use the module to build fabulous websites.

Support & Future Updates

We are proud of our modules and we do our best to give you exactly the tools you need – and these tools should and must work! That is why we give you free support. Forever. And because we are such nice people here at Divi Sensei, we will also provide future updates for free and we have lots of great ideas for updates so stay tuned! Isn’t that a great deal?

There is just one thing: Elegant Marketplace can’t fix bugs or assist you when you encounter problems, so if you ever need help, please use the contact form on the demo page to get in touch. Elegant Marketplace is, as the name implies, just a Marketplace. The real development action takes place over at Divi Sensei.


All our licenses are lifetime licenses, just as our support. No renewal fees, no limitations, no small print. Buy once and for all. It’s really that easy.

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