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Two is a premium multi purpose theme crafted for everyone who wants to jump-start the creation of their website in any genre. 

Two is designed with the latest UI/UX design standards and includes a lot of functionalities that give you opportunity to customize your theme extensively.

We’ve paid attention to users needs, so in this theme we’ve added some new functionalities that will enhance your experience without hassle.

We’ve picked a default color pallet for this theme, but feel free to change whole color scheme through the theme customizer, without any need to edit style sheets and write additional CSS.

You can change all the colors through the theme customizer with the built in color picker and preview all the changes you make. Isn’t it great that you can adjust the whole color scheme and change all the colors with just a few clicks?

We’ve added 12 new transition animations for the Divi slider. AND, if you want to change the footer logo or even icons in the contact form, you can do it all very easily through the theme customizer.

Two comes bundled with the premium plugin – Essential Grid is installed (You will have to pay for ongoing support and updates on the essential grid plugin as is their terms, but it is ready to go as it is) which gives you ability to display various content types in highly customizable grids, including Woocommerce products and is perfect for photographers, Wedding Specialists and Online Commerce businesses. You can read more about Essential Grid here.

Two is fully responsive, it looks great on every device and  is compatible with all major and well coded plugins.

You can check all the new layouts and features included in DEMO and as well play with frontend color picker we’ve created so you can get the feeling of what your site can look like.


– Unlimited color schemes – change all the colors with built in color picker in theme customizer
– 12 new slider animation transitions
– New Divi Two slider
– New contact form
– Change contact form icons through the theme customizer
– One click plugin install and demo import
– 100% Mobile friendly
– Footer logo
– Video PopUp on click
– Advanced hover animations
– New person module
– Essential grid bundled
– New map module
& lot more….

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  1. Ewa

    I want buy Your Theme Two, because its great and have the options I need. Do I need to buy the grid plugin and pay 26.00 additionally for this plugin?


  2. rara

    Hi, I see that you are providing “Essential Grid” plugin with updates. That is good to know. So you have bought “Extended License” from Themeforest?

    Thanks for your reply,

  3. Robin An

    Hi there,

    I purchased this child theme because it looked suitable for a project I’m about to work on and also because it states in the Theme Features “Essential grid bundled ($26 Value)” is included.

    Upon loading the child theme, I’ve discovered that the Essential grid is not a fully licenced and activation is required before being able to update it.

    Have emailed you guys 3 days ago but have received no response.

    Please advise how I can obtain a licenced version of this plugin?

    • Andrew Palmer

      HI, I have searched our email archives and cannot see an email from you. However, the bundled essential grid is licensed for the purpose of this theme. Updates are not included in the bundle.

      • Robin An

        What a sad response Andrew. I replied to an email Michael from your support team sent to me on Sunday. (nice try though)

        Perhaps you should let people know that they’re not getting the full version. Your claim that it’s $26 worth of added value in your theme is rubbish as I now have to purchase a licence from Essential themes.

        WARNING: to anyone thinking about purchasing this theme, support/service is poor and as mentioned by Andrew Palmer, the $26.00 featured plugin is something you will have to pay for on top of this child theme. (Edited by Andrew – You will have to pay for ongoing support and updates on the essential grid plugin as is their terms, we have now made this clear on the product description.)

        • Andrew Palmer

          I am sorry Robin, its the only response I have, I will amend the product description to be more informative. We do check these things out and it is a licensed version for distribution. Its a third party plugin from Envato and is issued by theme punch on a developer license. The support is generally of a good standard, I will inform the developer of your comments and perhaps they can help you better. I was also unaware that Mahesh (Michael) had replied to your support ticket, I have been on holiday for a few days and suffered a cancelled flight and therefore, still in catch up mode. We will try to do better by you.

        • Divicenter

          Hello Robin,

          Please for any future requirements contact us on And updates are included, just we need to update from time to time manually. We’re doing update for Divi Two and will release it with newer version.
          Please contact us on email and we’ll sent you version with latest essential grid. Also we’ve haven’t received your contact at all on support email.
          Please don’t rate our support here as we haven’t been able to even provide you with any support because we haven’t been contacted.
          ATTENTION: You don’t need to pay 26.00 additionally for featured plugin.

  4. Derek Packard

    bought your Two Multi purpose theme today.
    followed instructions…unzipped…
    Unpacking the package…
    Installing the theme…
    The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.
    Theme install failed.

    no where on your receipt or sales page is a support email so I’m posting this here.
    Thanks for your help .

      • Divicenter

        Glad to hear that, let us know if there is anything else you need help with 🙂

    • Divicenter


      Please first unzip the theme package and upload just the theme inside.

      Best regards

  5. Neil Lewis

    Hi DiviCenter,

    Thanks for getting back to me and for giving me a full explanation of what happened and also what can be done with your theme.

    I do understand sometimes things go wrong and emails can get overlooked, we’ve all done that haven’t we! For me its how a company responds when a mistake like this is made and so your public apology and explanation tells me you are genuinely interested in supporting both new and existing customers who want to by your child theme. Quite by chance I was taking my time in choosing an alternative child theme to yours, so having now heard from you, I am much more confident that your product not only looks fantastic, but you as a company will be able to support me if I choose to go ahead and buy – which I will do.

    Thanks again DiviCenter for a professional and open and honest response to my slightly frustrated complaint.


    • Divicenter

      Hi Neil,

      Thank you very much for accepting our sincere explanation and for your understanding on this. We really value the time you invested in writing this answer, and we’re thankful for your kind and supportive words. We’re glad that you picked our theme after all, and most of all that you feel satisfied with the product and overall experience. Let us know if we can do anything else for you!

      Best regards,


  6. Neil

    Ok I’m out, no way I’m going to buy this theme now as their pre sales support is non existent so this doesn’t bode well for post sales support does it. If you’re thinking of buying this child theme, thing again .. or at least try their support first as this is likely indicative of the quality of the their product. It’s a shame as the child theme does look very good. NL. PS. I message Elegant Marketplace as well and nobody from there bothered to reply either!

    • Divicenter

      Hello Neil,

      We’re very sorry for the delay in answering this question, we haven’t seen this one on our dashboard. First of all, thank you for being interested in our product.
      Let me answer you on the first question you had. Yes, you can change the color to any color you want through theme customizer in bulk which means you don’t have to go trough CSS or specific modules or module by module. You can change whole theme colors in just a few clicks literally.

      Once again I am very sorry that this response took so long, usually, we don’t receive so much pre-sales inquiries trough comment section on EMP and we missed this one, as we tend to receive it trough email on where we are responsive in the time span of 12-24h usually maximum.

      We’ve put much effort into this product and we would encourage you not to take this delay as indicative of the quality of Divi Two, as that delay was unintentional. We usually put the same effort in customer experience and to generally help our users to get most of our products.

      We promise that we will pay more attention to this communication channel as well as we do on our support email. Last thing we want to do is to ignore pre-sale or support questions. This happened unintentionally.

      Sorry for the inconvenience. If we can help you somehow further, don’t hesitate to contact us on email or here, we are keeping eye on both of them, especially on this one from now.

      Have a great day!

      Best regards

  7. Neil

    Hi, its been 5 days since I posted this question here. Any chance of a reply please. This is a pre sales question, I do hope if I buy the child theme the support responses are a bit quicker!! Thanks NL

  8. Neil

    Hi, a quick question before I purchase your child theme.

    Does the theme customiser give us the ability to change the main colour of the opaque top menu to something other than black/grey? I’m not saying we want to but it would be good to know it can be done. In addition, is it also possible to change the opacity of the top menu, more or less? Many thanks, NL

  9. Divi Center

    Hello @Gary Box,

    Thank you on your comment. You’re right, that is why we want our users to leave feedback so we can improve our products with every feedback. We’ve already updated and made this change to our theme you can check it out now.

    We’ve updated all archive pages, tag pages, category pages and author pages as well.

    Please feel free to test it again , and to leave us any comment if you find anything else.

    Thank you very much!

  10. Gary Box

    Why don’t Divi child theme developers complete the themes properly? If you look at any blog article in the demo you see a black sidebar with the usual categories etc. Then click on category 1 or indeed any tag and the result is the default white blog page you get when you install Divi. I know there are problems with Divi archive and category pages by default but surely child theme creators cannot expect people to fork out $100.00 for a theme where the styling has not been carried through for every page?

  11. Edward Simpson

    Divi 2 looks great, liking the new features, our current site is Divi, do you have a list of Divi developers who can move current divi site to divi 2?

    • Andrew Palmer

      Hi Divi The Theme is already on version 3. Thsi is a child theme as the developer developed Divi ONE child theme.

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- Fixed: Portfolio featured images missing on import
- Fixed: Default Footer logo missing on import
- Fixed: Width of certain rows not matching demo site
- Fixed: Optimized import files
- Added: Better Font Awesome integration
- Added - Essential Grid update

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