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Introducing DiviTube

Add impressive YouTube playlist video galleries in Divi easily.

Easily embed any youtube playlist in Divi website using Divi Tube module. You do not have to add your videos one by one now. Just create a playlist on your youtube account and embed all those videos by just passing the playlist URL in Divi Tube module.

Add on a website once! Add, Remove videos via Youtube!

Impressive Youtube Video Galleries!

By default, there is no module in Divi to embed a YouTube playlist. You can enter the YouTube playlist link in a text module, however, that displays single video without any design and layout flexibility. Here comes DiviTube, which lets you easily embed your YouTube videos impressively. You can display any YouTube playlist in three different layouts.

Grid Layout

List Layout

Slider Layout

Beside different layout options, DiviTube also comes with different video playback options.

Play videos inline

Play videos in a pop-up

Link videos to YouTube

YouTube Channel Header

Besides embedding YouTube playlists nicely, DiviTube also lets you embed a YouTube channel header. You just need to enter a channel URL and it displays a nice header with channel banner, logo, Title, details, and a subscribe button. All these elements can be toggled on or off easily.

Highly Customizable

There are a bunch of styling options available to customize playlist video and it’s details, header, popup, etc. We have added well though customization options to let you style the playlist as per your website branding easily.

Module’s Main Features:

  • Super easy to use.
  • Fast and furious. 🙂
  • 100% Visual Builder Compatible.
  • Unlimited playlists can be added.
  • Fully Responsive: You can adjust different controls for mobile, tablet & desktop to improve the responsive experience.
  • more features to come…

Usage Instructions:

Simply upload and install the plugin and then you should see a new module named “Divi Tube”. Add it via the visual builder or back-end builder and the options there are simple and self-explanatory. Visit documentation page for tutorials.

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Billed once per year until cancelled


  1. Sonni Gopal

    Have not been able to get this to work for my website and after countless emails and zero replies….I am beginning to doubt if I will ever get any support or even a refund.

    Very disappointing. Very quick to take money and run.

    • Andrew Palmer

      I have spoken with the vendor on this issue and we are happy to issue a refund as he cannot fix your particular issue.

  2. claire-hirst

    Does the license allow use on more than one website? I have two websitesx

  3. Tiffany Anderson

    Fast response via support. Thank you!

  4. Tiffany Anderson

    Me too! I’ve reached out for support…hopefully I hear soon. Thanks.

  5. Kenneth Fisher

    I need some support to get Divi Tube working on my website.


    • Andrew Palmer

      Hi there, in your download email receipt there are full instructions on how to get support from our vendors.

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