Divi Testimonial Module Carousel

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10 Most Stunning Divi Testimonial Module Carousel Layout You’ve Ever Seen

– Carousel without any extra plugins!

– Showcase your testimonials in this unique way with simple slider.
– Add image, name, description and position to each testimonial and let it slide!
– For slider to work you need to add at least 5 testimonials to it. Keep testimonials short and simple for awesome effect.
– Bring something fresh to your divi website!
– Use this section to showcase testimonials from your clients and gain trust from your prospects.
– Replace image and text, edit rating, match your theme style and you are good to go! A separate CSS file is available for easy editing and matching with your theme.
– Note: you need to have divi latest theme enabled on your website.

Download the JSON file and upload it to your divi library. Then go to your page, and load the section from the library. That’s all!

Documentation URL : https://layoutdivi.com/documentation/divi-testimonial-module-carousel-layout-documentation/

YouTube URL : https://youtu.be/2vP5SCNILMA


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