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Make it easy for your site visitors to contact you or find your social media profiles! The DIVI Social Follow Plus Module gives you more icons and more design options than available in the standard module. Features include:

  • No less than 39 social network icons
  • 5 contact icons (including WhatsApp)
  • Keep the icons in brand colors, or set them to a color of choice
  • Set a square or round background shape in any color
  • Apply hover options to icon & background
  • Add a button and set a text (e.g. follow, contact, visit, …)

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Easily add the icons you need

5 Contact icons

39 Social icons

Interested in other icons? Contact us by email.

Quickly style the icons

Choose background & colors

You can give the icon a round or circular background, and use brand colors or a custom color (note: just 9 of 44 available icons included in this example!):

Want something in between square and round? You can also round the corners of the square icon as little or as much as you want to:

Adjust sizing

You can adjust the size of the icon and the background independently from each other, so that your icon gets as little or as much space as you want to:

Add hover options

You can add hover options to the color and size of the icon and/or the background. In this example we changed the color and size of the background on hover:

And here is an example of a change in the color and size of the icon on hover, and a change of the background size as well:

Use, adjust & style buttons

If you choose to use buttons, you can:

Style individual networks/icons

You can apply before mentioned design options to all networks/icons at the same time, but also to each one individually. This allows you to be as creative as you want to, for example:

Why Choose This Product?

DIVI Social Follow Plus provides you with lots of icons and great design options, to summarize:

  1. No less than 39 social network / profile icons
  2. Plus 5 contact icons (including WhatsApp)
  3. Keep the icons in brand colors, or set them to a color of choice
  4. Set a square or round background shape in brand colors or a color of choice
  5. Add hover options to the size and/or color of the icon and/or the background
  6. Add a button and set a text (e.g. follow, contact, visit, …)
  7. Style all icons and buttons at once, or each individually

Still have questions about this product? Don’t hesitate to contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use this module to add social sharing buttons?

This module creates buttons that direct people to your (social media) profile pages, where they can decide to follow you. It does not allow people to share your content on their own social media profile.

Can I use this module to add icons to the default DIVI header?

This plugin adds a module to the DIVI builder that you can use anywhere where the DIVI builder can be used. This includes the DIVI theme builder, where you can create a custom header for your site. You cannot use it to add icons to the default / standard DIVI header.

Is the Social Follow Plus Module compatible with the DIVI visual builder?

Yes it is!

Can you include more icons?

Yes, we are happy to do that, as long as an icon for the network that you would like to see included, is available here:

  • For general social icons, within the Font Awesome collection
  • For academic social icons, within the Academicons collection

Feel free to contact us with a request.

What kind of support do I get?

You can contact us to get help if the plugin does not seem to work as you expected.

Where can I access the documentation?

On our website we provide documentation for the DIVI Social Follow Plus Module.

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= 1.1.1 =

  • Added TikTok icon
  • Updated enqueueing of FontAwesome to v5.14.0

= 1.1.0 =

  • Added hover options to the icon color, icon size, background color and background size
  • Added Apple Podcast and Spotify
  • Corrected wrong ORCID brand color
  • Fixed minor bug of bottom margin settings of the module not working
  • Fixed minor bug of advanced custom CSS field not working for the action button
  • Fixed minor bug in setting a background color for a single icon
  • Removed some redundant CSS

= 1.0.1 =

  • Fix of a bug with the phone and WhatsApp icons

= 1.0.0 =

  • This is the first version of the plugin.

Checkout the documentation first and if you still need help open a support ticket.

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Support & updates

You can choose between:

  • Support & updates for 1 year from the date of purchase. After that, you can manually renew support & updates for another year at 50% of the original price. If you choose not to renew, you can still continue to use the product as it is (however, we then no longer offer a guarantee of compatibility with future DIVI and WordPress updates).
  • Lifetime updates & support.


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